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Munchak believes he can fix Titans

Coach has a plan he will present to owner Adams at season's end. Terry McCormick

Print This December 24, 2012, 07:16 PM EST
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Mike Munchak acknowledges that the Tennessee Titans have fallen on hard times during his watch this season, but says he has a plan that he will present to owner Bud Adams to fix the struggling squad.

Adams said Sunday, shortly after the Titans' 55-7 loss at Green Bay, that the Titans could not keep "losing games like we lost today."

On Monday, via TitanInsider, Munchak said he would sit down with Adams, GM Ruston Webster and other Titans officials and it would be up to Adams to determine if he wants to stay the course with a team that is 5-10 after being 9-7 a year ago.

“I think for me I tell him exactly what my plan is, what my thinking is, and then how we're gonna get past 6-10 and on to next year, what the plan is, who we're gonna do it with and what changes we have to make,” Munchak said. “Here is my plan, and he gets to make that decision of if he likes that plan or if he wants a different plan. I think that's just generally how it would work in any business.”

Munchak said the Titans have to be patient as they are breaking in a young quarterback in Jake Locker and still have plenty of holes to fill around him. The question is whether or not the soon-to-be 90-year-old Adams is willing to stay patient.

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