NFL Week 4 Sunday notes

Rodgers, Eagles' Asomugha, 49ers, Manning, Lions' special teams, Texans' D and more. Matt Bowen

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Robert Griffin IIIUS PRESSWIRERGIII put up big numbers again, but it was his execution in the two-minute drill that set up the winning FG for the Redskins.

6. More RGIII: The rookie continues to impress. Another 300-yard plus passing day for Griffin, but let’s focus on the two-minute drill to set up the wining FG. RGIII showed the ability to read and recognize pressure at the line of scrimmage, take the underneath routes and once again make a play outside of the pocket when he ran for 16-yards. The final drive for Griffin: 4-4 for 45-yards in the Redskins’ 24-22 win. He does take some hits, but putting together a defensive game plan to limit his production wouldn’t be easy.

7. Texans’ D: Watching the Texans play defense in the 34-14 win over the Titans, I can understand why the secondary in Houston is so aggressive. Look at the consistent pressure from Wade Phillips’ unit can generate. As a DB that allows you to shorten your depth--and even sit on some routes--because the ball has to come out. After four weeks, can we call this the best unit in the NFL? I think so. And let’s not forget about what they bring to the stadium on offense with Schaub, Foster, Johnson, etc. There are multiple reasons the Texans are a legit 4-0. 

8. Lions’ special teams: Here is the thing about the kicking game in the NFL: technique wins over scheme. Special teams are all about getting off of blocks, winning with leverage, staying in coverage lanes and breaking down to make an open field tackle. To give up two TDs on kick returns (for the second week in a row) is unacceptable at the pro level. Give the 3-1 Vikings some credit here for making plays in the return game, but there is no excuse for Detroit to play that poorly on teams.

9. Matt Ryan’s 2-Minute throw: Think about the play call from the Falcons in the two-minute drill with the ball at the their own 1-yard line. Posse personnel (3WR-1TE-1RB) on the field with reduced splits. Use play action, max (counter) protection and throw the 9 route to WR Roddy White to pick up 59-yards—which eventually sets up the game winning FG. However, a coaching point to take note of here. Carolina FS Haruki Nakamaura has to play this ball vs. White at the highest point. Give yourself enough depth (and an angle) to climb the ladder and attack the football. Nakamura was out of position and allowed White to finish the play.

10. The Chiefs continue to play bad football: I picked K.C. to win the AFC West back in the preseason, but watching this offense today how can you trust a team that is so undisciplined with the football? Look the Jamal Charles putting the ball on the ground, Matt Cassel’s INTs and WRs that are unable to finish plays. You turn the ball over 6 times and you aren’t going to win many games in this league. Rough start for the 1-3 Chiefs.

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