NFL offers refund for those who sat in temporary seats

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Those fans in temporary seats on Sunday for Super Bowl XLV who did actually get to sit in their temporary seats and watch the game are receiving an offer from the NFL too.

The league is offering them a face-value refund for their ticket or a free ticket to a future Super Bowl. This group totals roughly 2,000 fans, and it doesn’t include the 400 who were booted from temporary seats that were deemed unsafe and were forced to watch the game from video monitors inside the stadium.

The NFL has reached out to this larger group because these people experienced a significant delay in getting to their seats during pregame because Super Bowl XLV snuck up on both the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL and the temporary seats weren’t quite ready.

This is another smart move by the league, but the entire experience has turned into a PR catastrophe for the NFL. This will serve as the first chapter in the What-to-avoid manual for future Super Bowl hosts. Fans in the group of 2,000 who did watch the game from a temporary seat can reach the league at

Now, if the league could be as diligent about making a new CBA happen, then we’d have something all football fans could get excited about.

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