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*A number of teams were after Reggie Bush, including the Redskins, Cardinals and Bengals. He chose the Lions in part because he felt they were the best fit for his talent and he liked their contract offer. But it didn’t hurt that the Lions rolled out the red carpet for him like no other team, including putting him up at a luxury hotel and treating him to a classy meal. The Lions really showed they wanted him.

*It had been reported that Percy Harvin’s griping about Christian Ponder was a major factor in the Vikings’ decision to ship him off to Seattle. But we heard that was a non factor in the deal. The bigger issues were Harvin’s contract demands and the fact that the Vikings never knew when Harvin was going to be unavailable to practice or play.

* Some of Harvin’s teammates thought Vikings coaches may have put too much emphasis on making him the centerpiece of the game plan. So many Vikings players, who actually like and respect Percy, are confident they will be fine without him. The Vikings were 5-2 without Harvin last year.

*Many around the league are scratching their heads as to why the talentless Chargers didn't do more in free agency. It was curious that they failed to keep one of their best linemen in Louis Vasquez, as there are very few options to replace him. Now with the progress that Denver and KC have made with their moves, it appears the Chargers could be in for another tough year.

*Agents have noticed teams were operating a little differently in free agency this year. They would negotiate with their first choice at a position, but if those negotiations stalled, they quickly turned the page and went to their backup plan. What happened with Wes Welker and Danny Amendola in New England was a microcosm of what was going on all over the league. It most cases, it happened with considerably less fanfare.

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