NFP Friday Buzz: Latest coaching rumors

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*Some NFL executives have questioned whether or not Chip Kelly’s style of offense will play in the pros. Kelly, however, has been putting this message out through back channels: He would not run the same offense he runs at Oregon if hired by an NFL team. Instead, he would run a pro style offense, but with a faster tempo than most and with a good dose of no huddle. The NFL model for Kelly might be similar to what the Patriots run. Also in question is the way he makes his practices grueling. One NFL front office man said Kelly would have to lighten up the practice pace, especially later in the week, or he would have no players left by the middle of the season.

*Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is publicly supporting coach Jason Garrett, but some front office men won’t be surprised if Garrett still is fired after the Cowboys’ disappointing season. Whether or not Garrett is let go may depend on if Jones can lure a coach he thinks would be better. Don’t be surprised if Jones is surreptitiously making inquiries about Jon Gruden and Mike Holmgren.

*Buzz around the league says the Chiefs interviewing process for head coaches has been somewhat bizarre, with nine people throwing questions at the candidates. Interviews have gone on and on for hours.

*Some who have escaped Cleveland are saying the morale is very low at the Browns’ headquarters, and people in various departments would very much like to get out of their contracts.

*Those close to the football program at Penn State would have been shocked if Bill O’Brien had left for an NFL job. O’Brien had been telling everyone who asked him about his future that he was deeply committed to the university. And he has been saying it with conviction and emotion. People at the school believe he loves the challenge of resurrecting the once storied program. O’Brien practically tears up when he talks about his vision for the football program at the school.

*The Chargers plan on taking their time in their searches for general manager and head coach. They aren’t interested in a quick fix. The Chargers want to put a leadership team in place that can lay a foundation that will last for 20 years, not two.

*Some teams, even some in the playoffs, are talking with their assistants about signing extensions. Why is this? Many seasoned head coaches feel there is a shortage of good offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators and offensive line coaches, and they are afraid their valued assistants will be poached if their contracts are allowed to lapse. As a result of this, one general manager predicted that salaries of coordinators and offensive line coaches will skyrocket this year.

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