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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 7 Rankings (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers: 4-1
With Roethlisberger back under center, there is no question this is the league’s top team.

2. (2) N.Y. Jets: 5-1
Wasn’t easy on the road in Denver, but the Jets get a break this week after winning five straight.

Tom Brady ICONBrady and the Pats' looked like a contender without Randy Moss.

3. (4) New England Patriots: 4-1
Randy Moss? The Patriots look like a more complete team without him.

4. (1) Baltimore Ravens: 4-2
The Ravens lost in OT to the Pats, but we could see this matchup again in January.

5. (8) N.Y. Giants: 4-2
Very quietly, the Giants have won three straight and are tied for first in the NFC East.

6. (7) Indianapolis Colts: 4-2
The Colts head into the bye with two weeks to game plan for the Monday night re-match with Houston.

7. (9) New Orleans Saints: 4-2
The Saints dominated the Bucs in Tampa—and looked like the defending champs.

8. (12) Philadelphia Eagles: 4-2
Questions on who should be the No.1 QB in Philly? Not with the way Kevin Kolb is playing right now.

9. (15) Miami Dolphins: 3-2
The Dolphins looked more physical than the Packers up at Lambeau.

10. (16) Houston Texans: 4-2
With the amount of weapons the Texans have on offense, they are never out of the game.

11. (17) Tennessee Titans: 4-2
Chuck Cecil’s defense is the real story down in Tennessee.

12. (5) Chicago Bears: 4-2
The Bears will continue to drop until they learn how to pick up a blitz off of the edge.

13. (8) Atlanta Falcons: 4-2
Were the Falcons exposed in the loss to Philly?

14. (10) Washington Redskins: 3-3
Donovan McNabb returns home to face the Bears this Sunday at Soldier Field.

15. (12) Kansas City Chiefs: 3-2
Two tough road losses to Indy and Houston—but we still see the Chiefs as the favorites in the AFC West.

Aaron RodgersICONRodgers and the Pack have dropped two straight–and host the Vikings Sunday.

16. (11) Green Bay Packers: 3-3
Aaron Rodgers and the beat-up Packers host Favre and the Vikes on Sunday night.

17. (19) Minnesota Vikings: 2-3
The Vikings can run the ball better than anyone in the NFC North—and that makes them dangerous.

18. (12) Dallas Cowboys: 1-4
Time to push the panic button in Dallas.

19. (26) Seattle Seahawks: 3-2
Marshawn Lynch is already a factor for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

20. (22) Cincinnati Bengals: 2-3
Coming off of the bye week, can we expect better play out of QB Carson Palmer?

21. (24) Arizona Cardinals: 3-2
We still aren’t sold on Max Hall and the Cards.

22. (14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-2

23. (28) St. Louis Rams: 3-3
Impressive win at home over the Chargers a week after getting blown out in Detroit.

24. (20) San Diego Chargers: 2-4
Plenty of talent—but still no real results in San Diego.

25. (23) Denver Broncos: 2-4
Tim Tebow scored his first TD as a pro, but at 2-4, it is safe to call Denver a disappointment.

26. (18) Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-3
How bad did the Jags look on the Monday night stage at home against the Titans?

Mike Singletary ICONSingletary and the Niners avoided an 0-6 start with a win over the Raiders.

27. (30) San Francisco 49ers: 1-5
QB Alex Smith and the Niners found a way to close out the Raiders for their first win of the season.

28. (27) Detroit Lions: 1-5
Can we still call the Lions “competitive?” They need to start winning games.

29. (25) Oakland Raiders: 2-4
The Jason Campbell experiment should be over after Sunday.

30. (29) Cleveland Browns: 1-5
Colt McCoy made some mistakes, but did enough in our eyes to keep the QB job in Cleveland.

31. (31) Carolina Panthers: 0-5
Matt Moore is back in at QB for the winless Panthers. Will it make a difference?

32. (32) Buffalo Bills: 0-5
It doesn’t get any easier for the Bills coming off the bye week as they travel to Baltimore.

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