Newton and Clausen could have some early beef

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Jimmy Clausen has seen better days.

The former Notre Dame signal-caller spent Thursday evening watching his team use the first overall pick on Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Cam Newton, who instantly became the face of the Carolina Panthers’ franchise.

Jimmy ClausenICONThe odds are good that Clausen just lost his job and his jersey.

So for starters, Clausen is out of a job.

But here’s what makes this story even juicier. For those of you who haven’t already noticed, Jimmy Clausen wears #2.

And Newton wore #2 at Auburn.

So how do you think this story plays out? Will Clausen bend over and give the guy who was drafted to take his job the number he wants? Will Clausen charge Newton a hefty fee? Does Newton even want #2?

All intriguing questions I came up with while sipping a latte and watching the Royal Wedding from my couch.

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