Omaha, Neb. businesses to donate to Peyton Manning’s charity

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Folks in Omaha, Neb. sure do love it when Peyton Manning calls out their city at the line of scrimmage.

They love it so much that five businesses have collectively pledged to donate $500 to Manning's charity each time he says the city's name in Sunday's AFC Championship against the Patriots, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

Against San Diego last week, Manning uttered “Omaha” 44 times. If Manning matches that total against New England, that's $22,000 raised for his Peyback Foundation for at-risk kids.

Manning had some fun with a reporter that asked what saying the term “Omaha” meant, in a football sense, on Wednesday.

“I've had a lot of people ask what 'Omaha' means and, uh, 'Omaha' is a run play,” Manning said. “But it could be pass play or a play-action pass, depending on a couple of things. Wind. Which way we're going (on the field) and, uh, the jerseys that we're wearing. It varies, really, play-to-play. There's your answer to that one.”

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