Orakpo: ‘We’re not going through all that Albert nonsense’

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Want a little evidence that the Washington Redskins will be disconnecting themselves from Albert Haynesworth in the near future?

Then, take a look at what kind of opinion is being spread by the club’s very own official Twitter site.

Obviously, Haynesworth is a topic of conversation as players return to Redskins Park with football back in action today. But it sounds like he might not be one for too long.

This year we’re not going through all that Albert nonsense,” linebacker Brian Orakpo said.

So, that leads to two possible scenarios. One, Haynesworth is going to show up, be a model citizen and bust his tail to earn a paycheck. Two, Haynesworth’s career in a Redskins uniform is coming to an end and until further notice he’ll be known as the NFL’s all-time biggest free agent disaster.

Now, if we can just get the team’s Twitter handle to spit out what’s going on with Donovan McNabb.

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