Pacman Jones: League has great programs, players don’t use them

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Adam “Pacman” Jones, an NFL player who knows a thing or two about trouble if there ever was one, says the league does a great job of making resources available to its players to avoid off-field problems.

The problem, Jones says, is players simply don't take advantage of such things. The issue has come to the forefront again with alcohol-related crash involving Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent that killed practice squad teammate Jerry Brown, and the murder-suicide a week prior involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

“I think the league does a great job offering resources. We just don’t use them,” Jones, 29, told “I know I didn’t use mine when I was younger.

“This happens to a lot of young guys who come into the league. The first four years happen so fast, you never really get to catch up and realize the resources you have.”

Jones was involved in more than a dozen police incidents during his time with the Tennessee Titans, but after getting another opportunity with the Cincinnati Bengals, says he has learned to use the resources available.

“If I have over two drinks, I’m gonna use it,” Jones said. “I feel like I’ve worked so hard to get back to where I’m at that I refuse to let a lack of judgment after two drinks affect that. I’d rather call 3-2-1 RIDE.

“This didn’t come overnight. It took a while to trust and believe and really just wise up that this was put here by the team to help you and not because they were trying to see what you were doing or why you were drunk or why you had this-many drinks.

“You have to put that aside. It’s not easy to do.”

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