Pat Summerall dies at age 82

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Former NFL player and legendary broadcaster Pat Summerall has died, according to multiple reports. He was 82.

Summerall broadcast football from 1962-2002, including 21 seasons alongside color analyst John Madden. Summerall began his broadcast career at CBS and moved to Fox with Madden in 1994 when the then-fledgling network outbid CBS for the league's NFC package.

Summerall's smooth delivery and easy-going style was the perfect foil for Madden's loud but appealing way of analyzing pro football.

“I was so lucky I got to work with Pat,” Madden said via the Dallas Morning News. “He was so easy to work with. He knew how to use words. For a guy like myself who rambles on and on and doesn’t always make sense, he was sent from heaven.”

Summerall also broadcast other sporting events, notably golf and tennis, and in the 1990s also received treatment for an alcohol problem at the Betty Ford Clinic. He later received a liver transplant due to the damage alcohol had done to his liver years earlier.

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