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Philly fans, be careful what you wish for

Fans are calling for McNabb’s removal, but what happens when he’s gone? Joe Fortenbaugh

Print This January 11, 2010, 03:16 PM EST

With their 34-14 wild card loss to the Cowboys on Saturday night -- their second loss at Dallas in six days -- the Philadelphia Eagles have assured themselves that for the 44th consecutive season they will not be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But with yet another NFL season coming to a close without a Super Bowl title, the Birds have assured themselves of something else. Something they’re familiar with. Something they’ve dealt with many times before.

The Eagles must now prepare for an onslaught from fans and media calling for quarterback Donovan McNabb to be shipped out of town.

It happens almost every year around this time. The Eagles fail to bring the City of Brotherly Love its first Super Bowl championship and McNabb takes the heat. It happened after Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville when McNabb failed to lead a game-winning drive against the New England Patriots. It happened in January 2007 when backup quarterback Jeff Garcia -- who had taken over in November for an injured McNabb -- led Philly to the divisional round of the playoffs. It happened in December 2007 when the Birds went 8-8 and failed to qualify for the postseason. It happened last season after McNabb was benched during a poor showing in a Week 12 loss at Baltimore.

And it’s already happening this year.

After completing 19 of 37 passes for 230 yards with one touchdown and one interception in the Eagles’ first-round loss, McNabb has again become the fall guy. Local radio stations such as 610 and 950 have been taking calls from angry Philly fans demanding change.

Never mind that the offensive line failed to protect the quarterback (he was sacked four times and spent the better part of the evening running for his life), the defense failed to step up and the coaching staff failed to produce solutions to all of Week 17’s problems. In the fans’ eyes, it all comes back to McNabb.

As my colleague and friend Michael Lombardi always jokes, “If the trash doesn’t get picked up in Philly, it’s McNabb’s fault.”

Now I’m not saying the Eagles couldn’t benefit from a change. The organization drafted Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb with its second-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, and he has been patiently waiting for his opportunity to take over. As a side note, keep in mind the Eagles traded away their first-round selection that year to the Dallas Cowboys, who used it to land Purdue outside linebacker Anthony Spencer -- the same Anthony Spencer who sacked McNabb twice in Week 17 and once Saturday night.

But what I’m saying to the fans in Philadelphia is this: Be careful what you wish for.

Getting rid of McNabb means starting over. It means saying goodbye to a quarterback who helped guide this team to eight playoff appearances, five NFC championship games and one Super Bowl. It means parting ways with a quarterback who has won five division titles and been elected to the Pro Bowl five times.

Here’s what NFP analyst and former Washington Redskins safety Matt Bowen, who played against McNabb six times (Bowen and the ‘Skins went 2-4), had to say about what it was like preparing for the Eagles quarterback:

“I’ve never understood the Philly fan base when it comes to McNabb because he’s an elite quarterback in the NFL. What I mean by that is, as a former player, he’s tough to game plan for. You have to adjust your defensive call sheets to prepare for his multiple abilities in the pocket.”

Bowen went on to say, “He [McNabb] once threw a ball so hard at me it almost knocked me out.”

Has everyone forgotten what life was like before McNabb? We all loved what Randall Cunningham brought to the team in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but in the 11 years (1985-1995) Randall quarterbacked this franchise (the same number of years McNabb has led the team), the Eagles made the playoffs five times, winning just twice (2-5 overall) and failing to get past the divisional round.

And what about what happened after Cunningham left?

Between 1996 and 1998 (McNabb arrived in ‘99), the Eagles went 19-28-1 and had six different quarterbacks take snaps. Those notable signal-callers included the Detmer brothers (Ty and Koy), Rodney Peete, Bobby Hoying, Mark Rypien and Doug Pederson.

Those six quarterbacks combined for zero Pro Bowls and one playoff game -- which Philly lost 33-19 to the San Francisco 49ers in 1996.

Then, McNabb arrived.

The Eagles selected the Syracuse quarterback with the second overall pick in the 1999 draft, instantly making him the face of a franchise that was desperate to put a winning product on the field.

And the young McNabb delivered.

Forget the fact that the guy never had a viable receiving target until Terrell Owens arrived in 2004. McNabb gave the fans of Philadelphia a playoff win in just his second NFL season, a 21-3 wild-card victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Dec. 31, 2000.

And after 11 seasons in Philly, many of which began with the promising hope that the Birds would contend for the league’s ultimate prize, the fans are once again clamoring for a change at the NFL’s toughest position.

And that’s the thing. Hope. It’s a luxury Philly fans have had for the better part of the last decade. The ability to sit around with your buddies in August and talk about how this could be the year. The year the Eagles finally get it done.

It’s the same luxury the fans have had in the NFL’s most critical month of the season – December -- a month in which the Eagles, under McNabb, almost always delivered a strong finish and a berth in the postseason. A month in which the fans of many NFL teams have already packed it in and moved on to basketball season.

Try being a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions. Over the past decade, how many times do you think the fans of those organizations have sat around in August talking about a run at the Super Bowl?

Remember, we’re talking about a quarterback who has been the epitome of a role model for the city of Philadelphia. He’s never been arrested, never flipped off the fans, never quit on his team. He’s taken all the heat the NFL’s toughest and most demanding fans could dish out.

And he keeps coming back.

You think the fans in Cincinnati are calling for Carson Palmer’s head this morning? The former USC Heisman Trophy winner has been in Cincinnati for six years and has never won a playoff game.

You think McNabb doesn’t measure up with some of the best quarterbacks of all time? Check out how his career numbers stack up against those of first-ballot Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly. And remember, Kelly never won a Super Bowl, either.

I’m not saying the Eagles should hang on to McNabb for another year and see what he can do. That’s up to the front office. At some point, things have to change. This is a results-oriented league with a “what have you done for me lately?” mentality. McNabb has never delivered the elusive Super Bowl title the fans of Philly have been craving for almost a half century. As a result, another offseason will pass and the hunger for the Vince Lombardi Trophy will grow.

I’m just saying the fans who are so adamant about calling for the removal of one of the city’s most productive and well-respected athletes should be careful what they wish for.

Because as bad as it may seem in Philadelphia with McNabb at quarterback, try being a fan of the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders or Buffalo Bills.

From 2004-2009, those seven teams have combined to appear in three playoff games.

With all three resulting in losses.

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Jan 11, 2010
04:03 PM

rush limbaugh was right mcnabb is over rated. noone will criticize b/c of being called a racist.he always plays bad in big games. The egales only beat 1 team this year with a winning record atlanta. go figure

Jan 11, 2010
04:13 PM

Wonder what the Eagles did in the last 10 year to build a running back, receiver corp for the Offense ? Or even draft viable players to make a powerful Defensive Line and backers ?

Jan 11, 2010
04:34 PM

Due to a regional brain defect (known as the Rocky Balboa disease), McNabb will never get a fair shake in Philly. Despite being perennial contenders and advancing deep into the playoffs several times, Philly fans will throw McNabb under their rusted IROC-Z at the first sign of trouble. Bobby Hoeing, Koy Detmer, AJ Feeley, Jeff Garcia, Kevin Kolb...these are the sorts of Pro Bowl legends the fans would rather have. Of course, this is a city where Stephen A. Smith was a notable football and sports prognosticator for many years.

Jan 11, 2010
04:44 PM

Hey, tc, if you're going to make comments that you wish people to pay attention to, try a) making an actual cogent argument and b) spelling things correctly. Oh, capitalization and punctuation go a long way, as well. Even on teh internets.

I'm a Cowboys fan who's always feltMcNabb to be the consummate professional; his demeanor in the face of nearly endless attacks (remember, the fans booed his selection in the draft -- they've been booing him since before he even put on a damned UNIFORM!), including from TO, whom McNabb helped recruit to the team, merely highlights his professionalism. That he's also a terrific football player is bonus. Many have been the years I'd've loved to see McNabb wearing the silver and blue. I fear his run in Philly is nearing its end, but that merely means some other city (St. Louis? He'd do well in a dome environment...) will get to enjoy his skills while Philly struggles with Kolb or whomever.

Beware, Philly: The other side is not always greener.

The Linc
Jan 11, 2010
05:07 PM

Overall, I am a McNabb supporter and the way the entire team got embarrassed its ridiculous to use the WC loss as a measuring stick for what to do with McNabb for next season. BUT the notion of moving on from McNabb should not be blown off with the typical - oh thats just those unclassy Philadelphia Eagles fans - logic. He's essentially down to 1 more year on his contract and the Eagles invested in a QB - Kolb - who has shown flashes that he may be the heir. Kolb is also in the final year of his contract so if you want to move on from McNabb AND recoup something for him a trade, this offseason is your only chance. Next year they'll likely lose him or Kolb for nothing. So its an idea worth exploring. Also, keep inmind Donovan could demand and extension before next season to further complicate things.

All that said, I still want McNabb back for another run but please don't site any meaningless stats or tell me about other franchises miserable QB situation. As an Eagles fan, that matters not, all that matters is will we win a title with McNabb? Each year they come up short makes it less likely, there's 1 goal and we've been close enough to it to have a completely different point of view than the Lions or Raiders or whoever. For them 11-5 and a playoff loss may be nice, for us its another failure.

Blue Starzz JB
Jan 11, 2010
07:46 PM

The problem for McNabb is that he is by far the best QB that Philly has ever had, yet he has not produced a SB title. The Eagles are in a similar situation that GB was in with Favre/Rodgers - has McNabb taken them as far as he can and when does the heir apparent become the starter? The front office will have to make the call at some point, whether its next yr or not remains to be seen.

However, just like in GB, Philly fans must accept that the franchise will have to take a step back with Kolb as the starter for a yr or two before they are contenders again - he will have a young set of weapons on offense, but who knows what that defense will look like.

Finally, if Kurt Warner retires, Az, McNabb's offseason home, would be the perfect place for him to finish his career and possibly win that SB title - McNabb to Fitz? could be interesting

Jan 11, 2010
08:06 PM

McNabb has one of the best deep balls in the league. His arm is strong and remarkably accurate. Problem is Andy Reid's system is predicated on short yardage completions and allowing the receivers to run once they catch it. McNabb is down near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to tossing the screen pass or the throw within 10 yards, I don't know how the statistics break down but all you have to do is watch. Too often the ball has to be caught around the ankles. A side result is his amaziing career td/int numbers over the years. Simply put, McNabb does not fit the Reid offense optimally. Toss him on the Vikings (a realistic option) and that square peg fits right in that square hole. McNabb needs a strong run game and great down field receivers. Think the T.O. years when he used possibly the best play action fake in the game dangling the ball at his side and tossed it deep. Additionally, we don't know why but Philly in the McNabb/Reid tenure are pretty abysmal at the two minute drill. Innumerable times the clock has been mismanaged. We can't know if it is McNabb or Reid causing it but who knows maybe Kolb has the smarts to run down the field and call plays on the fly as we see in super bowl champion qbs like Roethlisberger/Manning/Brady.
McNabb, I love all you have done for Philadelphia. Kolb looks accurate and intelligent to me but I have no clue if he's a Kelly Holcomb or Jim Kelly. I'll look over to Lombardi's article and say. “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Leaving McNabb and Reid together again as Westbrook ages is doing nothing. If Favre or Warner retires, McNabb could step right in and provide years of playoffs and maybe the pieces Philly needs to continue on. (McNabb to Arizona, Boldin to ? (baltimore/miami maybe).

Mr. Murder
Jan 11, 2010
09:53 PM

Please let Donovan go and he can join the Dark Side in Oakland. People may well see how good McNabb really is after comparing his game to others that face the Cowboys in this and next season, because they're really that good, and so is McNabb.

b roo
Jan 11, 2010
10:31 PM

Ah, the dissension; the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The calls for the head of the coach and the glad to see it in every NFC East town besides Dallas for a change.

Jan 11, 2010
10:37 PM

McNabb must go if philly is to progress. McNabb is terrible in the short slant quick read offense that his coach runs. The guy needs a running game and play action and go deep to have success but in the playoffs everyone blitzes him into oblivion and he appears to really suck at reading a 3-4 defense.

He has not progressed in years. I want a QB in philly that gets better every season not worse. Mcnabb throws so many dirt balls, intentional groundings, and chooses (now) not to take the yards on the ground when available. Many times during the dallas games 5 could have kept the drive alive with a scramble up the middle of the field but he wouldn't take what the D gave him. Instead he chose to force terribly but also gunned throws too areas behind under or over his recievers. I trust that TO was right when he stated that Farve would have brought he and philly a superbowl but 5 couldn't

Jan 12, 2010
12:04 AM

McNabb will be in the Hall of Fame, keep him an Eagle for life. Right now the Eagles need to improve both lines. You could put an ALL-TIME NFL team together of defensive backs/linerbackers and offensive backs. But without quality lines they wouldn't amount to anything . Football is still about blocking and tackling at the line of scrimmage.

Jan 12, 2010
04:32 AM

An 11-5 year is a success in KC or Detroit but in Philly it is a failure? Why? Because Philly has won so many Superbowls that anything else is a step backwards? Don has played in the toughest division in football 8 times in his career. Even when Washington has been down they can still play defense. There have been major obstacles thrown in his way at every turn: years of terrible receiving corps, average line play, a coach who should have been bumped upstairs YEARS ago. I am an Eagles fan, and I hope Don does next year what Favre cannot this year, win a superbowl in Minnesota. He deserves it.

Jan 12, 2010
11:13 AM

Not only did the Eagles spend a second round draft choice on Kolb (who EVERYONE WAS HIGH ON when he was taken) but what do they go out and do but get Michael Vick (who is a free agent this off season). What does this say about what the front office thinks about Kolb and the direction they want to take? Now I'm not saying dump McNabb (even though he gives my Giants fits) because my thought has always been not to dump someone unless you have a better option lined up. The offensive line has been inconsistant for a few years now in giving him protection and they thought they made the corrections with a few pickups the past off season. Lets face it Westbrook is closer to the end of his career than McNabb but can Weaver and Buckley backup McCoy suffiently? Your receiving corp is young and excellent. No.............All the Eagles need are a few tweeks not an overhaul.

A side note to BlueStarrzJB......................No McNabb ISN'T THE BEST QB THE EAGLES EVER HAD! Ask your dad about a guy named OTTO GRAHAM who took them to a championship!

Jan 12, 2010
11:26 AM

We always hear that Philly fans don't appreciate McNabb and shouldn't be so quick to run him out of town. The truth is, he hasn't delivered a Super Bowl. 11-5 and an early playoff exit simply just isn't good enough. Sure, it could be worse with Kolb, but it could also be much better. McNabb has had 11 years to win a Super Bowl. Maybe its time to see what else is out there.

Jan 12, 2010
11:45 AM

Kolb is the biggest factor on whether McNabb stays. We all know that these losses are not entirely McNabb's fault, and that he still has some good football left in him, that is undisputed. But if McNabb stays next year, will Kolb walk after next year when his contract is up? Surely Kolb wants to start somewhere. If Kolb walks, then the Eagles are left with an aging McNabb and no backup or future starter. If we resign Kolb and promise him the starting job in 2011, then McNabb's trade value plummets after 2010, or he gets cut. . I am a diehard Birds fan and McNabb supporter, but I think it's time to trade him when he has value and get Kolb on the field so we can see if he's the answer for the future. And Kolb HAS to start within the next two years or else the Eagles will lose him.

Jan 12, 2010
12:09 PM

Joe, stats are for losers. I can't stand his posturing. McNabb is not the classic West Coast QB. Look at his accuracy. SI had an article a couple of weeks ago about TX HS QBs and how plentiful and good they are. Kolb is TX HS QB and his dad is a HS Head Coach. I got a good feeling about him and the youth of the Eagles. Come on, it is time for a change even for McNabb. We should make a 3 way deal with Washington and Chicago and send him home. This is not a wish. THIS A DEMAND!

Jan 12, 2010
12:48 PM

It's a double edged sword for sure.

On one hand the one constant in all the playoff seasons but one - is McNabb. The one common in the playoff seasons but one is McNabb being healthy throughout the year.

As an Eagle fan, if we made the switch I'm realistic about having to watch Kolb mature and pervade his growing pains.

But it's about hedging your bets at this point., McNabb is 33, will be 34 for next season. As we all know, both McNabb and Kolb have one year left on their deals. So look at the scenario's:

1) Trade McNabb and extend Kolb. Which order does this come in? If you trade McNabb first, a largely unproven Kolb and his agent have all the leverage when it comes to a new deal. If you extend Kolb first you cause a media circus, and also lose leverage on getting compensation for McNabb. The Eagles are also losing one of the constants - losing both his positives and his negatives. At 33, McNabb isn't drawing some sort of Cutleresque compensation either. You lose McNabb's ability to extend plays which is still a factor, albeit not as much as before the ACL.

2) Extend McNabb and trade Kolb. You end up in a simliliar situation in that Kolb's value has been lowered from a negotiation standpoint, and the Eagles lose on yet another high draft pick. Anything less than a 2nd for Kolb makes this a loss, and even then it was a high 2nd that Kolb cost in the first place. Your also in the pickle of having a 34 year old QB heading into the future. McNabb won't be looking for a one or two year deal here, he's gonna want commitment because if he hits market he knows he can get that and get a large salary at the same time.

Also look at it this way - most starting QB's in the league were drafted in the 1st round or high 2nd. There are the anomaly's of Brady, Romo, Warner etc But those situations aren't common, and for every 6th round Brady, for every undrafted Romo, every arena league Warner - there are 100's upon 100's who are garbage. Also most of these early drafted guys took a couple years of learning the system, adjusting to the Pro level, maturing and being groomed overall. With Kolb - haven't the Eagles already done this? It's been 3 years now - why should the Eagles again spend another high draft pick, go through the grooming process all over again etc etc

Joe Banner -"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results."

3) Keep both. And give both big contracts. Uh, no. Only one QB can play at a time.

Something will be done this offseason or at the very latest by the trade deadline. My concern is knowing the Eagles - they overvalue their players when it comes to dealing them. NFP reported the Eagles fielded calls from 6 different teams for Hank Baskett; what did they end up with? Nothing. Lito Sheppard. What, two 5th's probably? The Eagles aren't knowing for "bending" when it comes to trading their own guys. But on the flip side they'll undervalue an

Jan 12, 2010
01:12 PM

I just want to add that the examining the run/pass ratio for this year's losses - also went for last years losses as well. Every loss has the extreme unbalance in 2008 as well.


WinningIsOnThe Line
Jan 13, 2010
07:23 AM

I would just like to make a CORRECTION to my post of 11:13 AM on the 12th January.

I said that BlueStarzzJB should ask his dad about a Eagle great named OttoGraham who I said was the best QB to ever play for the Eagles. The name should have been NORM VAN BROKLIN who won a championship in 1960. OTTO GRAHAM played for the Cleveland Browns .

John M
Jan 14, 2010
06:18 PM

I'm not interested in how many safeties 5 can take out of a game with his arm. His receivers drop a lot of his balls every year. Maybe 5's lack of a touch is a big part of the drops. I've followed this team since 1966 on my parents black & white Philco. Whether you get into the playoffs every year and lose or you don't get there at all, it doesn't matter to me anymore. We'll never know what we have in KK unless he's thrown out of the nest and given a chance to fly or fall flat on his face. The fact that Reid passed on an Anthony Spencer to get KK makes it all the more urgent that he be given the chance now to return the same or greater dividends. As volatile as teams are from week-to-week in this league (the Cowgirls were practically dead in the water before shocking N.O.), I think the worst KK can do with a healthy, stable O-line and McDermott with a year to learn from his mistakes as well as a re-stocked D (bigger linemen with Bradley, Witherspoon, Gaither and Jordan), is get us back to the post-season. If that's the case, does it matter if 4 or five are under center? Maybe 4 is the right number to call right now.

Jan 15, 2010
03:24 PM

You compared McNabb to the right person, Jim Kelly. He never won a super bowl and McNabb won't either. Then you bring up Randall Cunningham, I'll bet you never played football in your life. You want excitement, running around and avoiding tacklers, jumping over people, making a spectacular play. Excitement, that is McNabb and Cunningham. If that is what you want, you have it. But don't expect superbowl wins, they are reserved for those QBs that come to every game prepared, are true leaders, can anticipate and adjust, and are very accurate and self confident.

Jan 28, 2010
12:25 AM

The block buster deals awaits this off season what would be best for the teams involve this off season. Will Bret retire or will he try again? Will Kirk stay or will he retire? Are Philadelphia Fans fed up with Donovan? Has Donovan time ran out of Philadelphia? Two real good quarters backs- but unproven- awaits their turn. If the Oakland raiders need to get anywhere from a losing season they will have to get a good quarter back to stir the ship. It obvious that their quarter back JaMarcus Russell isn’t going to mount out to the great quarter back everyone expects him to be. Last season prove that Oakland can beat anybody, and can be in the play off to the super bowl if they just have a good quarter back. The block buster trade this off season that will benefit Oakland is to trade for Donavan mcnabb he’s everything Oakland need to get to the great they once were. It's up the owner mind set if he desperate enough to want to succeed. A first and third round pick to the eagles will force the eagle’s hands. The fans want Donovan out because they are just tire of just making it to the play-off and done. They want a new person to give it a try. The eagles have three quarter back that can start for any team, but Donovan is the only proven winner out of the three. Minnesota and the Cardinals will be making a push for Donavon if their quarters don’t return. Both of those team’s quarter backs are contemplating retirement. Raiders have more to offer because of their low picks and one of the three running backs, who are able to start for any NFL team in the league. This off season will show which manager is willing to do what it takes for their team to be successful. This off- season will be a big suspense as the super bowl!

Feb 07, 2010
11:56 AM

The root of Philly's "hate" for McNabb is two-fold. I hate to say the first one, but it revolves primarily around his skin color. It is not unusual for me to get into a discussion with a Philly resident (I'm from Philly, huge Eagles fan) and hear the old Limbaugh argument. This is so outdated and ridiculous, it's barely worth mentioning. But it's always raised. OK, McNabb it NOT Brady or Peyton. But he's better than Eli, Trent Green, Brad Johnson. And those 3 lame QBs all won a SB. So it's hardly the quality of a QB that wins the Super Bowl. It certainly isn't skin color, either - thank you Doug Williams. So the "Limbaugh Contingent" prove they are simply racist and proof that McNabb is good will never work with them.
The second part of the problem is his inconsistent playoff experience. He is 9-7 in playoffs. Never mind that Peyton is 8-7. Peyton won a SB...that makes a difference in people's perceptions. Peyton has played FAR WORSE in playoff games (until this year). But I'll admit he's a better QB. Still...McNabb's poor playoff experience is hardly indicative of him being "bad", considering the very best QB is inconsistent. Tell the people who are upset with McNabb that he leads the NFL in one category over the last 10 years (sacks) and the root of his inconsistency becomes clear - but this won't make them feel like upgrading the OLine is a good idea - better to get rid of the QB.

Once we get to this point, it becomes an argument of empirical nature. "McNabb missed a wide open player here - he failed to lead another here - he failed on this play, failed on that". Never mind he succeeded on 75% of the other plays with a good pass, good block, good run, or good fake. The 2% of the failures (which, by the way, most QBs have) are all that stand out.

I'm convinced if the Eagles won the SB with McNabb, the ONLY discussion in Philly is how other players won the game. McNabb could pass for 400 yards, 4 TDs, and no INTs. They'd still say "his receivers were.......his blockers were......his RB was......"

It's a bizarre relationship, to be sure. I can honestly say when McNabb is finally gone (and I do think he's gone this year), Philly fans will wonder why he was traded. It's happened before.

By the way - Rodney Peete made the playoffs, too. He beat Detroit, then lost to Dallas. So during the down years, the Eagles made the playoffs twice and went 1-2.....just sayin'. I think you counted that as a Randall year. Most Philly fans don't.

replica omega
Jul 21, 2010
02:40 AM

Yes, that would surely help the Bills. It's a no-brainer for them to have to have to deal with Lynch and a bad attitude looking at them twice a year for the rest of his career. That would be great for a team trying to get over a hump because they lack talent on offense.

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