Pioli on Haley: He’s growing into the job

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli spoke well of head coach Todd Haley in an interview with the Kansas City Star on Monday.

While Pioli didn't come right out and say that Haley had earned a contract extension (Haley's deal is up after next year), he seemed to indicate that he is pleased with Haley and that a new deal would probably happen.

“I think he’s doing a good job of growing into the job,” Pioli said. “He’s adjusted well to changes in personnel, changes in roster. He’s adjusted well to staff changes. This team has continued to evolve and continued to develop. Players have developed well. That’s Todd and the whole coaching staff.”

That's a far cry from what was being rumored after the Chiefs' 0-3 start with many floating Haley's name out as a candidate to the the first coach fired in 2011. But, despite Sunday's stumble against Miami, the Chiefs have been better of late, having won four straight before stubbing their toe against the Dolphins.

It sounds as if Pioli is inclined to stick with Haley long-term. He was asked if he could see himself and Haley working well enough together to win a Super Bowl in Kansas City and responded, ““Absolutely,” Pioli said. “We talk often. Our approach hasn’t changed in terms of the way and the amount of communication from two years ago, a year ago. It’s the same. It hasn’t changed in terms of the volume or anything else.”

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