Police want to ask Britt about gun shot

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Police in Jersey City, N.J., said they are still waiting to speak to Tennessee Titans receiver about the incident at an apartment early Sunday morning.

Police Capt. Edgar Martinez told TitanInsider that police still have yet to speak to Britt, though they have talked to nearly all the other witnesses in the matter, including Britt's pregnant girlfriend.

Specifically, police want to talk to Britt about the gunshot that was fired into one of the apartments where the stabbing occurred a short time before that. Britt wound up taking a friend of his to the hospital, but did not cooperate with police at the time.

Asked if Britt was a suspect, Martinez offered, “Britt is not a suspect in the stabbing, but he was there when everything transpired.”

When asked about the gunshot that was fired nearby after he picked up his girlfriend from the apartment, Martinez said, “That’s what we want to talk to him about.”

Though Britt offered a statement through an unidentified spokesman that said he would be cooperating with police in the matter, the police are still looking for him to get his account of the matter.

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