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Pollard not worried about another fine

Titans safety gets second unnecessary roughness penalty in three preseason games. Terry McCormick

Print This August 25, 2013, 12:18 AM EST
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Bernard Pollard  may be stopping short of thumbingh his nose at the league office over his play, but he won't apologize for the way he plays the game.

Even if the way he plays the game netted him a second 15-yard personal foul penalty for unnecessary roughness in three preseason games. Pollard was called for a late hit on Atlanta's Julio Jones in the first quarter of Saturday night's preseason game.

“I play football. I didn't go at his head. I didn't hit his head at all. I nipped his shoulder pad, and if that's what they feel they need to make a call … we can't stop playing football," Pollard told TitanInsider. "We can't; this is a man's game. I'm not gonna allow guys that have never played the game to dictate what I do on the field. Our job as defenders is to protect the grass behind us, and we are to fight no matter what.
“They had guys hitting. They had guys trying to pull helmets off, and at the same time, I'm not gonna allow them to dictate my game. I understand that it could be dirty or whatever, that players can be dirty. But the Tennessee Titans defense, we're gonna hit you.”

Pollard was fined $10,000 by the NFL for a late hit in the preseason opener against Washington, and probably will be docked again for the hit on Jones.

Asked his opinion on that, he replied, "You don't want to hear that right now, because I ain't trying to give them any more money than I have to."

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