A look at the lowest priced games on 2014 NFL Schedule

Jesse Lawrence of TiqIQ breaks it down. Jesse Lawrence

Print This August 27, 2014, 07:10 AM EST

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With just eight home games each year, NFL games aren’t exactly the cheapest ticket in the sports industry. Much is made about the biggest and most expensive games of the year, but this season there are five games with an average price that’s below $100. Unsurprisingly no playoff teams appear on this list and seven of the teams had their own draft pick in the top-10 of this past year’s NFL Draft.

Below are the five least expensive games on the secondary market, by average price, according to TiqIQ.

Week 13 - Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills | Avg. Price: $99.80

The most expensive game on the list might also be the worst game. Both the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns could surprise people this season, but most likely both teams will miss the playoffs once again. The two have been part of any conversation about worst team in the league. In addition to a tortured history, both play in some of the least enticing markets in the sport, making it that much harder to recruit players. In fact, many speculate the Bills might one day relocate out of Buffalo, while the original Cleveland Browns franchise left to Baltimore years ago. Buffalo Bills tickets are just below $100 for the game, with an average at $99.80 right now.

Week 7 - Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders | Avg. Price: $95.90

It would be shocking if the Oakland Raiders didn’t find their way on to the list of cheapest games. The Raiders have been one of the worst teams in the league over the last decade. They haven’t even made the postseason since losing in the Super Bowl back in 2002. The Cardinals have been better recently, but have a history of struggling in their history, and have only made the Super Bowl once. Oakland Raiders tickets have an average price of just $95.90 for the game..

Week 10 - St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals | Avg. Price: $95.60

Arizona pops up again, but this time as the host team. While the Cardinals and Rams are the two worst teams in the NFC West, the Cardinals won 10 games last season, including a win in Seattle, and the Rams were a popular sleeper selection earlier in the preseason. However, the loss of Sam Bradford at quarterback has made the Rams slightly less threatening this season. This could still be matchup of two great defenses, even if the offenses don’t match up. The average price of Arizona Cardinals tickets for the game is $95.60.

Week 3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons | Avg. Price: $94.21

The next game could actually turn out to be a very good game. Both the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers floundered big time last season on their way to bottom-10 finishes. But both teams have plenty of reason for optimism. The Falcons are just a season removed from earning the NFC’s top seed and advancing to the NFC Championship Game. A lot of their struggles last season can be attributed to injuries and bad luck. For the Bucs, they have plenty of talent but have underachieved due to poor coaching and quarterback play. With Lovie Smith hired as head coach and Josh McCown brought in to quarterback there is reason to believe the team will turn it around. Still Atlanta Falcons tickets at the Georgia Dome are averaging just $94.21 for the game.

Week 6 - Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans | Avg. Price: $91.59

The cheapest game of the season comes from arguably the league’s worst division. The AFC South might have one team post a winning record this season, as it did last year with the Indianapolis Colts easily winning the division. Both the Titans and Jaguars are unknowns entering the season with a wide range of outcomes. However, Week 6 will likely be too early to really know who either team will turn out to be. Tennessee Titans tickets at LP Field have an average price of $91.59 for the game.

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