Prices for Rams' tickets remain the same despite Bradford's injury

Jesse Lawrence of TiqIQ breaks down the numbers. Jesse Lawrence

Print This September 02, 2014, 08:39 AM EST

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Last season the St. Louis Rams were the worst team in the NFC West. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing when the third-worst team had a 10-win season. In the offseason the Rams drafted Aaron Donald, a defensive tackle from Pittsburgh who makes the Rams defensive line arguably the best in the entire NFL. But before the season even started the Rams lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the season. It just hasn’t been reflected in the prices yet.

Prior to Bradford’s injury Rams tickets were averaging $139, and have only dropped to $136 since the injury was announced. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the actual effectiveness of Sam Bradford. The former Sooner hasn’t exactly taken the league by storm since he was drafted, so it’s yet to be determined how much worse off the Rams are without him. Especially after the team signed Shaun Hill as his backup in the offseason.

The other part of it is the way this Rams team is constructed. The Rams were always going to be a conservative team that won games based on defense and their running game. In addition to a dominant defensive line, the team has a couple strong linebackers, and some stars on the backend. They also worked to improve their offensive line, including the drafted of Greg Robinson, an offensive tackle from Auburn, with the second overall pick.

But the price might be changing more than we think. Prices for the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings are averaging below $100. That’s an incredibly low figure for an NFL game, especially a home opener, and only four other games across the entire NFL have an average price below $100 this season. However, Rams vs Cowboys tickets for the following week are the most expensive game on the Rams schedule. The Cowboys generally have a big premium as a road team and that holds true at the Edward Jones Dome. Rams fans might be taking a wait and see approach, with prices only dropping if the team starts struggling at the start of the year.

Still, this is a strange effect for the loss of a starting quarterback. Last season the Green Bay Packers lost Aaron Rodgers in the middle of the season and Packers tickets at Lambeau Field dropped 20 percent for the season on the secondary market. The Packers were also a talented team around Rodgers and wound up making the postseason without him.

The Rams have had the poor luck of losing their franchise quarterback before the season started. It’s a major blow for a team that was looking to turn the corner and compete in the tough NFC West. But that hasn’t yet affected ticket prices, with the average price of Rams tickets dropping just a few dollars. Granted, that might change as the season progresses.

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