Prospect of the day: Missouri TE Michael Egnew

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The Breakdown…

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TE Michael Egnew: Missouri (6-6, 245)
A tall, long, athletic pass catcher who has the frame to continue to get even bigger. However, as of now, he looks thin through his base and legs. He doesn't play as a traditional tight end, and for the most part lines-up in the slot on a regular basis from a two-point stance and is asked to work nearly exclusively as an “off the line Y.” He possesses impressive coordination and body control for his size, gets into his route well for his size, has a nice feel for zone coverage in the pass game and works himself well into soft spots underneath. Is a massive target to throw at, extends his arms well when covered up and can pluck routinely off his frame. He possesses “plus” strider speed down the field and has the ability to run away from backers across the field, using his big frame well to box out away from the play.

Also looks natural as a route runner, although gets a bit leggy at times out of his breaks, he keeps his feet under him on inward breaking routes, is loose in the hips and does a nice job really being sharp out of his breaks and separating initially from man coverage. He crosses the face of defenders quickly, snaps his head around and locates the throw quickly while maintaining the body control to snatch off his frame or drop his pad level and adjust. Loves to work the jerk route underneath as well, changing speeds in order to set up defenders and then quickly redirecting and separating in the other direction. Exhibits impressive ball skills and body control when asked to go up and make a play on the football at its highest point. Can be a major asset in the red zone. For his size he can create after the catch, displaying good shiftiness, and while he isn't going to run away from defenders, he is strong, long armed, can break tackles and create for himself after the catch.

Isn't asked to block from a three-point stance or with his hand on the ground, and is used mostly in the bubble screen game where he can really handle defensive backs. Can drop his pad level and create a jolt into contact but is going to need time to learn to play with his hand on the ground and use that big frame to gain leverage.

Impression: Has a massive frame and the skill set to learn to play with his hand on the ground, but is going to need time. However, he can come in from day one and be used as an “off the line Y” and create mismatches in the pass game.

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