Report: Jaguars part with two in front office

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Whenever a new regime takes over, those who take charge usually want their own people in place.

When it comes to changing players and coaches, in a new regime, those things usually happen fairly quickly after the season for coaches and in the free agency period for players.

But in the case of front office people, they are usually kept on until after free agency and the draft in order to keep continuity in the evaluation of personnel.

Now that the draft is over, a flurry of activity on the front office level can be expected. It apparently has started in Jacksonville where new GM David Caldwell has relieved director of player personnel Terry McDonough and director of pro personnel Louis Clark of their duties with the Jaguars, per

Both were long-time employees of the organization, as Clark had first come to the Jaguars in 1997. McDonough arrived in 2003.

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