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Report: Tebow not giving up on playing in NFL again

Earlier report indicated QB's camp privately believed his career might be over. Terry McCormick

Print This June 01, 2013, 10:55 AM EST
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Tim Tebow does not consider his NFL career to be a thing of the past, per the latest report, this one from USA Today.

An ESPN The Magazine report said members of the Tebow camp privately believed the quarterback would never get another chance to play that position in the NFL. Tebow was released April 29 by the New York Jets, and thus far, no other team has contacted him.

However, the USA Today article vehemently denied that speculation but said Tebow would not be addressing the matter publicly because to do so would draw unnecessary attention to the matter. One of the believed obstacles with Tebow getting another chance is the media sideshow that accompanies him. So to let the matter fall off the radar might be the best course of action to eventually getting another chance in the NFL.

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