Seahawks vs. Packers tickets are falling fast

With opening night Thursday, those who waited to buy may be in for a steal. Jesse Lawrence

Print This September 03, 2014, 04:46 PM EST

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The NFL season starts Thursday night when the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers. When the NFL schedule was first released, this was the most expensive of the season on the secondary market across the league. However, as the game gets closer, the average price for the game has dropped. As the game once had an average price above $600, the average price is now $384.92, making it the fourth most expensive game on the Seahawks schedule.

Not many other teams would be able to have a $384.92 average price as just the fourth most expensive game of the season. Seahawks tickets, however, have the most expensive season average in the league. The average price for Seahawks vs Packers tickets on Thursday is actually now 2.5% below the $394.98 average at CenturyLink Field for the season. However, that price is still well above the overall league average, which is around $220, and is 23.5% above the $311.78 average of Denver Broncos tickets for the season opener last season.

The defending Super Bowl champions are on a two-year losing streak in the season opener after winning eight straight opening games since the NFL put the previous season’s Super Bowl winner in the opening game. The 2012 New York Giants are the only team to the lose the game at home. While the Baltimore Ravens did lose their game last season, the Thursday night game was played in Denver because of a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles.

This also won’t be the most expensive road game for the Packers on the secondary market. A Week 8 Sunday Night Football game in New Orleans currently has an average price of $389.11. That does not even come close to the average price of Chicago Bears tickets when the Packers visit Soldier Field in Week 3. The average price for that game is currently $625.02.

The $151 get-in price for Thursday night’s game is currently more expensive than the average price for four other games during Week 1. It is also the most expensive get-in price of the week, with the $130 get-in price for the Bears home opener against the Buffalo Bills coming the closest.

Even as the opening game of the season is not as expensive as it was just a few weeks ago, that doesn’t mean there’s any less excitement for the game itself. Both the Seahawks and Packers are expected to finish at the top of the NFC. After last season’s opener was a rematch of the previous year’s AFC Championship Game, this game could very well be a preview of a NFC Championship Game this January.

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