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Ticket market suggests Alabama, Florida State favorites for National Championship. Jesse Lawrence

Print This August 17, 2014, 07:00 AM EST

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Gone are the days of a single Bowl Game deciding the season’s national champion in college football. Now four teams will be selected to take part in a single-elimination tournament, with the winner taking home the national title. The college football season is about to begin, and the ticket market is doing its part to suggest which schools might be playoff favorites this year.

Even with the change in postseason format, TeamTix is allowing fans to preorder tickets at face value in certain sections, with the prices largely decided by the team’s likelihood of making the championship game. The teams with the highest ticket prices are Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon and Auburn.

Alabama and Florida State are the only two teams with reserve prices over $100. Currently the cheapest tickets available for Alabama are $170, and for Florida State it’s $117. The interesting thing is that price is actually way down for Alabama, but way up for Florida State. Reserve prices for Alabama football tickets are $110 less than last year, but that mostly has to do with the new playoff format. While last season’s format guaranteed fans tickets to the final game, this year there’s the extra game needed to reach the championship game. Reserve prices for Florida State football tickets are up $77 from last year, which is the largest increase, a season after winning the national championship. For them, the increased expectations outweighed the change in postseason format.

The cheapest reserve prices for Auburn football tickets is $95, the cheapest Ohio State football tickets are $89, and the cheapest Oregon football tickets are $67. Of those teams, only Auburn had an increase from last season’s reserve price. It’s the same reason for the discrepancy between Alabama and Florida State. Ohio State and Oregon were both expected to perform well last season. Ohio State was bowl eligible a season after going undefeated, and Oregon had been one of the top teams the last several years. But Auburn was coming off a tough season, and was once again expected to finish near the bottom of the SEC. Instead they won the SEC, and faced Florida State in the National Championship.

The one thing the top teams all have in common is their ranking on the preseason poll. Of the five most expensive tickets, four of the teams rank in the top five on the USA Today poll. The only team that didn’t – Ohio State – came in at number six. The only team in the top five that didn’t make this list was Oklahoma who were right one the outside with the cheapest price at $61.

Fans can already reserve postseason tickets for their favorite teams. While the new playoff format has led most teams to see ticket prices down from last season, a few teams who outperformed expectations from last season have actually seen the ticket prices increase. Overall the expense of the ticket largely corresponds with the team’s preseason ranking, with the top five most expensive tickets all landing within the top six teams in the nation.

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