Sounds like Lovie doesn’t want to play in England again soon

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LONDON—The Chicago Bears walked away with a 24-18 victory on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, holding on to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who piled up some significant injuries.

There was much discussion about the Bears not arriving until Friday and how they would adjust to traveling nearly 4,000 miles across six time zones. It was no big deal.

But it doesn’t sound like Bears coach Lovie Smith is interested in returning any time soon, not to play a football game anyway.

“When it’s someone else’s home game, we’ll come over any time,” Smith said. “I feel like for the league, internationally we should let them see all of the teams. They have had a chance to see the Bears. I think it’s someone else’s time now to come over.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Saturday the league’s new strategy is to look to bring certain teams back on a semi-regular basis to grow a fan base. Maybe the Bears are a popular team the league would like to see here again soon. Stay tuned.

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