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Shahid Kahn replaces Wayne Weaver as Jaguars owner Andrew Brandt

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Stadium Economics

The economics of the NFL have changed with the advent of new stadia – and thus new revenue streams – in the past twenty years.  When I arrived in Green Bay in 1999 our standing in the NFL revenue rankings was dropping every year. We needed revenue from Lambeau Field for more than ten days a year.

Following the Lambeau Field renovation in 2003, the Packers soared up the revenue rankings due to $20-30 million a year in additional stadium revenue from our expanded Pro Shop, restaurants, meeting space, club and luxury seating, etc.

The Jaguars need that revenue boost to keep them competitive.

Los Angeles: Pros and Kahns

Jacksonville -- the third smallest market in the NFL -- is not the most desirable league locale. Every home game presents a challenge to avoid local blackouts, as the team ranks 26th leaguewide in ticket sales. 

Khan has reportedly paid $760 million to purchase the Jaguars. There have been strong affirmations by Weaver and Khan that the franchise is committed to Jacksonville and there are severe financial penalties were they to break their lease in Jacksonville.  However, my sense is we will soon hear the siren song of Los Angeles in regard to Jacksonville. Whether Los Angeles and its unique and lucrative revenue opportunities beckon – Minnesota, San Diego and perhaps Oakland are also potential Farmers Field tenants – only time will tell.

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