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Tebow fan frenzy may be working against him

NFL teams may be avoiding the circus that comes with him being on the roster. Terry McCormick

Print This May 09, 2013, 11:58 AM EST
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Tim Tebow has yet to find a taker, even as a backup or a an H-back, since being released by the New York Jets.

Tebow hasn't even drawn a nibble from Canada or the Arena Football League, much less getting another shot in the NFL.

Michael Silver of Yahoo suggests, after talking with several NFL coaches and team officials, that Tebow is a victim of his own popularity. In other words, no one wants to take a sign a second- or third-string quarterback who is going to, through no fault of his own, bring a circus atmosphere to the locker room.

There may be some merit to that. The minute that diva receivers like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson slipped in their play, no team would touch them. And for a different reason, Tebow finds himself in a similar situation, unable to find a team willing to take him on, because of his immense popularity that makes for an unnecessary distraction and media frenzy in the locker room.

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