The 5 worst things about being an NFL Sports Agent

Some of the tougher components of a rewarding career. Jack Bechta

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4) Travel – In my younger days and before 9/11, I loved traveling to see clients and prospects. I still do, but only once I actually get to where I am going. Being an agent can be a lonely and costly business. We may travel 3 days to just shake hands with a parent or prospect after a game. Its typical for me to travel to a college campus on a Friday morning, attend the game on a Saturday afternoon and then fly to an NFL city that same evening or the next morning, attend the NFL game and stay in the NFL city until Tuesday to make sure I spend quality time with all client(s). So it’s typical to spend 4 days on the road for just a few hours of face time with a prospect and/or a client. Repeat the same for 12 to 14 weeks. Then there are the all-star games in January, the Combine and workout facilities in February, and the pro days in March. One perk, lots of frequent flyer miles.

5) Seeing your client’s career come to a premature end - Agents and players can become very close. You won’t believe how much they confide in us and how the relationship can grow. I have vacationed with several different clients. Many have parked at my house for weeks or months. I’ve been to countless weddings and even funerals. Running a smaller to midsize practice allows me to spend more time with my clients and get invested into their dream. It also allows me to get know them on a very personal level.

To watch my guys physically deteriorate, blow out a knee, receive multiple concussions and to have their dreams cut short is painful. Even when a player gets cut and he can still play or never got a fair chance is gut wrenching to be a part of. Especially when they are depending on me, the agent, to make it all right. I have lost thousands of sleepless nights agonizing over my clients’ well-being and sharing in their misery.

Now don’t get me wrong, the good far outweighs the bad and I am very fortunate to be a small but important part of the professional business of football. My profession keeps me close to the game I love and respect.

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