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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our power rankings—a rundown of how we stack up the league.

Week 7 (previous rankings included)

1. (2) New Orleans Saints: 5-0
Drew Brees exploited the Giants secondary and the Saints never looked back in the Superdome.

2. (3) Indianapolis Colts: 5-0
Indy comes off the bye week and we still don’t see a team in the AFC South that can challenge them.

3. (5) Denver Broncos: 6-0
Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey continue to be factors for a defense that is the best unit in the league.

4. (4) Minnesota Vikings: 6-0
The Vikings offense is rolling with Favre and AP, and a missed field goal has Minnesota up two games in the NFC North.

5. (1) New York Giants: 5-1
The Saints exposed some issues for the Giants, and New York struggled in playing without the lead in New Orleans.

6. (9) New England Patriots: 4-2 </strong>
The deep ball found its way back into the Patriots game plan and Tom Brady reverted back to 2007 form in a destruction of the Titans.

7. (8) Atlanta Falcons: 4-1
Matt Ryan did enough to win, but it was the young Atlanta run defense that showed up in a primetime victory over the Bears.

8. (11) Pittsburgh Steelers: 4-2
It is time to start mentioning Ben Roethlisberger in the MVP discussion—he is playing that good.

9. (18) Arizona Cardinals: 3-2
Too big of a jump for the Cardinals? Not when Kurt Warner is hooking up with Larry Fitzgerald and the defense is playing solid football.

10. (7) Cincinnati Bengals: 4-2
The Bengals came back down to earth after Cedric Benson was held to only 44 yards against the Texans.

11. (14) Dallas Cowboys: 3-2
The Cowboys get back to work and we get to see if Miles Austin can continue his big-game production.

12. (6) Philadelphia Eagles: 3-2
What was that out in Oakland? A bad game plan and an offensive line that couldn’t protect McNabb.

13. (16) San Francisco 49ers: 3-2
The Niners come off the bye week with a new toy to play with at wide receiver—rookie Michael Crabtree.

14. (19) Green Bay Packers: 3-2
The Pack had it easy against the Lions, except for the protection up front that still seems to be an issue in Green Bay.

15. (10) Chicago Bears: 3-2
Jay Cutler will continue to force throws until the offensive line and RB Matt Forte start to help out.

16. (12) Baltimore Ravens: 3-3
A missed FG sent the Ravens to their third loss in a row, but what happened to the secondary in Baltimore?

17. (17) Miami Dolphins: 2-3
The bye week should have provided plenty of time for the Dolphins to add some new wrinkles to the wildcat offense.

18. (18) New York Jets: 3-3
Mark Sanchez is learning the hard way how important it is to protect the ball in the NFL—and the Jets are losing because of it.

19. (22) Houston Texans: 3-3
The Texans look like a playoff team when their stars produce—only it doesn’t happen every week.

20. (15) San Diego Chargers: 2-3
Norv Turner’s seat just got a little hotter for this team that continues to underachieve.

21. (21) Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-3
Maurice Jones-Drew shouldn’t have to complain about touches this week after he ripped the Rams.

22. (23) Carolina Panthers: 2-3
The Panthers ran the ball 48 times on Sunday—and Steve Smith was a bystander. Get used to it.

23. (20) Seattle Seahawks: 2-4
Seattle didn’t look like they belonged on the same field with the Cardinals—and that was with Matt Hasselbeck under center.

24. (29) Oakland Raiders: 2-4
Give the Raiders the credit they deserve—they physically whipped the Eagles at home.

25. (27) Buffalo Bills: 2-4
If only Buffalo could play a rookie QB every week. A much-needed win for Dick Jauron.

26. (25) Detroit Lions: 1-5
The Lions look lost without Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

27. (31) Kansas City Chiefs: 1-5
KC and Todd Haley get their first win and found a way to close out the game after their loss to Dallas.

28. (24) Washington Redskins: 2-4
Jason Campbell will start again, but does it matter anymore in Washington?

29. (28) Cleveland Browns: 1-5
Time for the Browns to start scouting QBs for this April’s draft.

30. (26) Tennessee Titans: 0-6
We can’t wait for the Titans to turn this around anymore after that beating in New England.

31. (30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 0-6
It is time to warm up the arm of Josh Freeman and get ready for the future in Tampa.

32. (32) St. Louis Rams: 0-6
Spags’ defense is starting to make plays—and that is the first step for this franchise.

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