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This time, Jerry Rice takes some shots at Randy Moss

Hall of Famer has been sensitive about best ever topic Brad Biggs

Print This February 01, 2013, 10:14 AM EST
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If Randy Moss was trying to get a rise out of Jerry Rice, consider it mission accomplished.

It’s doubtful Moss had that in mind earlier in the week when he said that in his mind he is the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. One thing is certain – it’s created quite a storyline and Rice won’t let it go.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver was talking about it again on Thursday, according to Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News, and he took some shots at Moss, who of course plays for his former team the San Francisco 49ers.

Rice challenged Moss’ work ethic throughout the course of his career.

I think Randy Moss was the most talented. But along with being the most talented, you have to work hard -- every season, every play," Rice said. "I was not the most talented, but I was going to outwork you."

Rice went on to say Moss “could have been, probably, the greatest player ever to play the game. Gifted. 6-foot-5. Could run a 4.3. Could out-jump you. Struck fear in the opponent. But you have to have it here, in your heart.”

Later on, Rice talked about his impact on the game with three Super Bowl rings. Rice has a right to believe he’s the best to ever play the position and many support that sentiment. But he’s been unusually sensitive to the issue this week.

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