Tim Shaw bravely battling ALS

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Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Tim Shaw is bravely battling ALS after being diagnosed this spring with a disease that has no known cure.

“I would never say I am not afraid of anything,” Shaw said. “If you look at what ALS has done to people, that is a scary process. So I am not scared to die, but the process is a little daunting.”

Shaw, who's just 30 years old, called the diagnosis “the hardest thing I've ever had to hear.”

“Every thought runs through your mind, but as a man you have a choice,” Shaw said. “What are you going to do? Are you going to stand up and fight for your life? Or are you going to accept what someone else tells you is reality and just fade away? As staggering as that news was and as shocking as it was to hear and to say, I made that choice to stand up and live life to the fullest like I believe I always have.”

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Along with former Saints safety Steve Gleason, that’s the kind of face ALS needs, to inspire others to fight one of the most despicable diseases known to man.

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