Titus Young gives judge silent treatment

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Titus Young gave the judge in a Newport Beach, Calif., courthouse the silent treatment today.

The ex-Detroit Lions wide receiver made a court appearance where he was charged with three new charges bringing to 11 the counts he faces from a crime spree earlier this month. At least three are felonies.

Young has been in jail since May 11 after he was arrested for the third time in a week’s span. According to David Leon Moore, Judge Andre Manssourian doubled Young’s bail from $25,000 to $50,000 saying he “poses a danger to the community.”

Per the report, Young’s family wishes he remain incarcerated because it believes he needs psychological help. When Manssourian addressed Young, the troubled young player did not respond.

Per Manssourian the judge said:

“Good morning, sir.”

No reply.

“Can you hear me?”

No reply.

“Are you Titus Demetrius Young?”

No reply.

There was a long break and at one point Young’s father called out to him. He did not respond.

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