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Agents use slots at premium training facilities to attract new clients. Jack Bechta

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Quarterbacks should pick a place where they have receivers and a QB coach. Offensive linemen should look for a facility where they will get time with a dedicated O-line coach, usually a former NFL coach.

One important thing that players should consider when choosing an agent is that they have a well thought out training plan that does fit their specific needs. I have had clients complain to me that some of these premium facilities have too many guys (30 to 35) and they get no extra or personal attention. That is obviously a con. The pros are that these facilities offer a better-structured environment the player can get at his campus if his coach doesn’t have the time to orchestrate a program.

GMs will tell you that players are showing up at the Combine are in better shape, better prepared and polished versus how they were two decades ago. However, one complaint I do hear from GMs is that many guys are overly coached for their interviews.

Here are some facts about Combine training:

One of the biggest challenges for trainers is having thirty different types of players peak at the same exact time.

Some facilities are in fun places like Florida, Phoenix and Southern California. Some players have been known to lack the discipline to stay focused.

Some players don’t react well to doing something new and thus can have muscle pulls and strains under the tutelage of a new trainer who doesn’t know their body.

Some facilities don’t take into account the history of injuries a player may be nursing. Nor are some qualified to manage them while training. On the contrary, some facilities have a certified physical therapist on location.

Many facilities supply an advanced nutritional component complete with three healthy meals. On the flip side, some don’t.

Fast guys run fast while some slow guys run slowly. A trainer can’t take a forty time from a 4.9 to a 4.7. Or a 4.7 to 4.4. They can help to improve it slightly.

A player should definitely choose an agent he likes that is qualified and has the financial resources to support a solid training and nutritional pre combine plan. However, players should be fully aware how slots at well-known training facilities are used as the ultimate enticement to bait them in to signing on the dotted line.

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