Update: It’s payday on the legendary Super Bowl tattoo bet (picture)

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Here’s an image to keep in mind when trying to digest the goodness from your Memorial Day barbeques.

Remember that trip I took to Montana back in November for the Brawl of the Wild showdown between Montana and Montana State that unearthed the most dark and twisted Super Bowl wager of all-time? Well, the deadline for payment on the New York Giants’ win over the New England Patriots in 2012 came due recently, and that meant it was time for our friend Phil to pay a visit to the local tattoo parlor.

Ghost tattoo

The picture on the right tells the story better than my words ever could. That’s Phil (foreground) and Lando recreating the famous Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore pottery scene from the movie Ghost. The picture on the left side of the image was then used by a clearly talented local tattoo artist to redecorate Phil’s left thigh (right side of image).

Drink it in.

The bad news for Phil is that he was backing the 49ers against Lando in February’s Super Bowl, so he’ll be required to make another trip to the ink factory in the near future.

The good news is that Phil is currently looking for suggestions. Hit up the comments section or my email address (Joe.Fortenbaugh@NationalFootballPost.com) if you’ve got something that can top the Ghost tattoo.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends because the text message I received today containing this image already ruined mine.

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