When is it time to call it quits?

Many NFL players refuse to see the signs that their career is over. Jack Bechta

Print This June 27, 2012, 05:00 PM EST

Coaches, trainers and front offices executives stop talking to you: Just about every one of my clients who have been released calls and tells me that they are getting a “weird vibe”. The vibe usually comes after an unknown meeting that happened behind closed doors in which a decision was made that they need to move on, but they don’t tell the player right away because he may be an insurance policy as they are waiting for the draft or confirmation on another player via free agency. In addition, if the player was popular with the fans he may be hard to cut and the front office waits as long as they can to do so.

The obvious one, your team drafts a player at your same position: It never fails, every draft I get a call from one of my clients saying, hey, “What do you make of the guy they just drafted?” Or, a vet will just say, “hey looks like it’s time to move on”. Players who have been around awhile can figure things out real quick and hope another team can see that there is value left in said player.

I will tell you this; I have only met a handful of players who are willing to risk going to camp with no guarantees and with a new team after playing 8 years or more. Some guys like LT are smart by just calling it quits instead of waiting around for that “call”. Other players don’t have the luxury and the savings of the superstars to pull the ripcord on a career.

The business for players is insecure enough but the stress and frustration of not knowing when to call it quits can drive a player crazy.

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