Where does Manningham fit on the FA priority list?

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When breaking down the Giants Mario Manningham, I see a WR that can run the vertical route tree, the deep curl and produce out of a bunch or a stack look. A solid No.2 on your roster–when paired with a No.1 that can put stress on a defensive game plan.

Mario Manningham ICONWith Manningham expected to hit free agency, where is he on the priority list of wide receivers?

The WR—who will likely become a free agent next month according to Pro Football Talk—could be a fit for multiple teams that want to add depth and competition to their roster.

Plus, Manningham did show the ability to make plays in crucial game situations this postseason. Go back to the catch he made on the deep 9 (fade) route vs. the Patriots Cover 2 in the Super Bowl or the TD on the inside slant in the red zone vs. the Packers.

However, I don’t think we can put the Giants’ WR on the top of the priority list when it comes to the free agent market. That’s saved for names such as Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston. Players that should expect to see offers reflecting No.1 money.

With Manningham, you aren’t getting that No.1 talent at the position. He did benefit from playing in the Giants “nickel” looks with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz on the field. That has to be taken into account when targeting WRs in free agency.

The way I see it, Manningham falls into that second-tier category at the position. He allows you to add depth and talent to your WR unit, but he isn’t the answer for teams looking to add a No.1 WR this offseason.

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