Will the NFL agent biz turn wild wild west?

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A Scary thought: NFL agents can do whatever they want now that they are no longer regulated by a union. Moments after the NFL Players Association certified, it also announced to all agents that it will no longer certify or regulate agents.

So what does this mean? Anyone can now represent players without having been certified. Thus, Uncle Bob or cousin Tony can now act as an agent for an NFL players. Under the former CBA, teams could only negotiate contracts with certified agents. Now they can do business with whomever they chose. However, the reality is that players will honor their standard representation agreements with their respective agents.

One big fear that most agents have is that the competition will aggressively start poaching each others' clients because there is no disciplinary oversight in place. Poaching happens all the time but the usual suspects may put their game into overdrive.

Agents now have a window to act without consequence or watchful eye of a union. It will be interesting to see what rouge activity unfolds.

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