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Draft Review – The NFC North

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Chicago Bears The Bears had three goals going into the 2016 NFL Draft, get younger, get faster and get more athletic. Looking at their selections over the three day event and you can see that they achieved those goals. First pick Leonard Floyd the edge player from Georgia was the most athletic pass rusher in […]

The NFC East Draft Review

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Philadelphia Eagles When Andy Reid was Head Coach in Philadelphia, he thought it was both necessary and good business to draft a young quarterback if not every year at least every other year. With Howie Roseman back in charge of football operations, the Eagles are going back to that same philosophy. With that thought in […]

Some thoughts on the 2016 NFL Draft

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I have been involved in some way with the NFL Draft since 1981. That said, the 2016 NFL Draft was one of the strangest drafts I have ever witnessed. A month ago no one would have thought that quarterbacks would go first and second. Up until the Tennessee Titans traded away the number one pick […]

Gabriel’s Mock Draft 4.0 for the 2016 NFL Draft

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When I did my first “final” mock draft yesterday, I inadvertently left out Paxton Lynch, so here we go again. Obviously with the Lynch addition, there are some changes from yesterday. For the record, I expect at least two more trades within the top 10. Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff – QB – California […]

Gabriel’s Final 2016 Mock Draft

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A month ago we never would have thought that QB’s would be the first two picks of the 2016 NFL Draft. After trades we all know that it’s now a lock. Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff – QB – California – Personally, I like Wentz better but I’m hearing that Goff is the Rams […]

The Top Guards in the 2016 NFL Draft

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The offensive line class this year has depth and there are a number of players who have the athletic traits to play more than one position. Such is the case with most of the players talked about here. All of these prospects will line up at guard first with some being able to play outside […]

The Top Centers in the 2016 NFL Draft

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I have always thought of center as an undervalued position. By the nature of the position, the center is the leader of the offensive line group. He not only has to be productive, he also has to smart, aware and instinctive. It’s his job to recognize defensive formations and instantly make the line calls and […]

The Ever Changing First Round

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The one thing that is certain about the NFL Draft is that nothing is certain until the draft begins a week form Thursday. We can look at all the pre-draft predictions we want and they all are meaningless. All 32 NFL clubs keep getting relevant information until shortly before the start of the draft. As […]

The Top 4 Tight Ends in the 2016 NFL Draft

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Looking at this tight end class, it may be one of the weakest in years. There are some prospects who can potentially turn into fairly good move type tight ends but there are very few prospects who can make a living playing the “Y” tight end. This isn’t a fault of the players, it is […]