Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
11 Terrance West RB, Towson 5'11" 223 B 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Terrance West – Running Back – Towson

West is a highly productive third-year junior who is entering the draft as an underclassman. He has been Towson’s leading rusher for three straight years. This year, West finished with 2410 yards rushing and 40 TDs. In his three year career, he ran for 4750 yards and 83 TDs! There are not many backs who have put up those kinds of stats regardless of the level of competition. His breakout game was in the FCS playoffs this year against Eastern Illinois, where he ran for over 350 yards and 5 TDs in the snow.

West has excellent running back size at about 5110 – 225. While he has size and good overall athleticism, he is not what I would call a really fast guy. I would estimate his speed at being around 4.65 – 4.68. He does have quickness and cutting ability to go along with really good strength and balance.

West lines up in both a pro set and a spread formation. When in a pro set, he is often lined up eight to nine yards behind the ball. He has good quickness to the hole, and being that deep allows him to do a very good job reading his blocks.

West is basically a one-cut back. He waits for his block and can cut off of it. He is not overly elusive, but he can make a tackler miss with a quick cut. He is a powerful runner who runs low and explodes into tacklers. He keeps his legs moving on contact and can consistently get yards after contact. It’s not unusual to see him carry two tacklers an extra two or three yards. He is best as an inside runner as he lacks the speed to consistently get the corner turned. As a receiver, he has good hands but is used mostly as a check down receiver. He will need work with his route running. As a blocker, he is willing but needs technique work. He lacks good hand use and does not consistently get and keep good position.

Overall, West is talented but limited. Because he is a power guy, there is a place for him at the next level. I don’t see him as a starter, but I feel he will be a good complementary back used in a rotation. Unless he runs a lot faster than expected, I see him as a “C” level player in gets drafted in the later rounds of the draft.

12 Storm Johnson RB, Central Florida 5'11" 215 B 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Storm Johnson – Running Back – Central Florida

Johnson is a fourth-year junior and a transfer from the University of Miami. He enrolled at Miami in 2010 and played as a backup his freshman year. He then transferred to Central and sat out the 2011 season. He played in a rotation in 2012 and ran for over 500 yards and four TDs. He still played in a rotation in 2013 but became more of the bell cow with 1,139 yards rushing and 30 receptions. He also had 24 rushing TDs and three receiving TDs.

Johnson has good size at about 6000 – 215. He is a good athlete with very good balance and body control. While he is not a “burner”, he runs fast enough. I would estimate his speed at around 4.57 – 4.60. While he doesn’t have great top end speed, he has a burst.

Johnson runs form both a pro set and a spread. He is quick to the hole and has good lean. He is an alert runner who has very good vision and is a good decision maker. He shows good cutback skills and can make a quick cut in the hole to an open lane. He is an attacking style runner who has power and can get yards after contact. With his lower power and balance, he can break tackles and burst for extra yards. He is effective both inside and outside and does a good job following blocks. As a receiver, he is very consistent, has soft hands, and can adjust to the ball. After the catch, he gets up field quickly and can turn a short pass into a long gain. Johnson pass blocks well. He is alert and does a good job picking up blitzes. He has good technique and can anchor.  

Johnson has a lot of talent. He just doesn’t have great top-end speed. He will become a steady NFL running back, and I look for him to be an eventual starter in the league. He should get drafted around the mid-third to fourth round.

13 Marion Grice RB, Arizona State 6'0" 205 C 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Marion Grice – Running Back

Grice is a fourth year senior and a transfer from Blinn Community College in Texas. He is an electrifying player who is very productive. Only six games into the 2013 season, he has 15 touchdowns. He has 90 carries for 417 yards and 10 TDs to go along with 29 catches for 265 yards and 5 TDs. He has also returned 10 kickoffs for a 22.7 yard average. In 2012 he ran for 679 yards and caught passes for 425 yards. He scored 19 times in 2012.

Grice is very athletic, with speed and body control. He has sub 4.5 play speed and can make quick cuts without losing much speed. As productive as Grice is, he is not an every down player. He plays in a rotation with two other backs. He is a very quick starter with top run instincts. He can pick and slide or make jump cuts, but he has a knack for finding a crease. He is not a power guy and is not a top after contact type back. He is quick, fast, creative, and elusive. Once he gets in the open field, he has a chance to take it the distance. He is not the type who is going to get the tough yards on 3rd and 2 on a consistent basis. He is dangerous as a receiver because he can run routes out of both the backfield or while split out. He shows he can uncover versus man coverage and has excellent ability to separate coming out of a cut. He has very good hands and can adjust to make the difficult catch. As a pass blocker, he is adequate at best. He lacks good technique as a blocker and is not aggressive.

Grice is very talented but he has limitations. I don’t see him as an every down back in the NFL because of those limitations. He will be more of a spot player, but because he has big play skills, he will still get a number of touches every game. I can also see him utilized as a kick returner. He needs to get a little bigger and stronger, become a better blocker, and learn to be a tough inside runner. If that happens, he can become an every down player. Still, because of his big play ability, he will be drafted high. I could see him going as high as the 2nd round. 

14 Dri Archer RB, Kent St 5'7" 175 C 6.4 Stats
15 James White RB, Wisconsin 5'10" 198 C 6.4 Stats
16 David Fluellen RB, Toledo 6'0" 215 C 6.4 Stats
17 Kapri Bibbs RB, Colorado State 5'11" 203 C 6.4 Stats
18 Antonio Andrews RB, Western Kentucky 6'0" 219 C 6.4 Stats
19 Lorenzo Taliaferro RB, Coastal Carolina 6'2" 230 C 6.4 Stats
20 Tim Flanders RB, Sam Houston St 5'9" 210 C 6.3 Stats
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