Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
01 Marcus Martin C, USC 6'3" 310 A 6.7 Stats
02 Travis Swanson C, Arkansas 6'4" 305 B 6.6 Stats
03 Weston Richburg C, Colorado State 6'4" 298 B 6.6 Stats
04 Corey Linsley C, Ohio State 6'2" 295 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Corey Linsley – Center – Ohio State

Size – 6030e – 300e – 5.1e

Strengths –

Athletic, strength and power, balance, hand use, run block, pass block, has played guard and tackle in the past

Weak Points –

Adequate estimated size

Summation –

Corey is a fifth-year senior and a two-year starter at center. As a reserve in 2011, he played both guard and tackle. Linsley moved to center in the spring of 2012 and has been the leader of Ohio State’s offensive line ever since. He has very good initial quickness with his snap and step and is an excellent short snapper in a spread formation. He can get to his blocks with good quickness and is explosive on contact. In addition, Linsley shows good hip snap and keeps his feet running on contact, enabling him to generate movement. He consistently plays with bend while keeping his back straight and can easily get to the second level while taking good angles.

Linsley can adjust on the fly to hit a moving target and can also turn and seal a bigger opponent. In pass protection, he has a quick set and can get his hands on his opponent in a hurry. Linsley has a good punch and does an excellent job keeping his hands inside. He is a natural bender and has very good lateral agility, showing he can mirror opponents through moves. He slides and recovers very well and can anchor. Linsley is an alert player who does a very good job of picking up stunts and blitzes. In short, Linsley is one of the better centers I have seen in quite some time. He should be able to start for most clubs as a rookie, with his position versatility providing additional value.

Grade: B 6.6

05 Bryan Stork C, Florida State 6'4" 312 C 6.4 Stats
06 Gabe Ikard C, Oklahoma 6'3" 290 C 6.4 Stats
07 James Stone C, Tennessee 6'3" 302 C 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

James Stone – Center

Stone is a fourth-year senior and has been a starter since midway through his freshman year. He is listed at being 6’3 – 295 but looks a bit shorter and heavier. He has average arm length for the position. Tennessee usually plays from a spread formation, and the first thing you notice about Stone is he snaps the ball with his left hand. This isn’t a big deal, but the QB has to get used to the ball coming back with a reverse spin, and when playing form under center, the ball comes up on a slightly different angle.

Stone makes the line calls. I like his consistency. He has average size, but plays with strength, has bend and athleticism, and gets the job done. He has good initial quickness and shows he can snap and step. He gets his hands up quickly and on his opponent. In the run game, when he plays against a big head-up opponent, he shows he can lose some ground initially, but is able to recover and gain back some of that ground. He does get stalemated, at times. He doesn’t have great quickness, but he shows he can take good angles to get to linebackers. He will pull, on occasion, and while not fast, he can adjust on the move.

In pass protection, he was fairly consistent in all three games I viewed. He can set quickly. Has good feet and can slide and recover. He is alert to pick up blitzes and will help out when free. He plays with bend and usually does a good job against bull rushers, but he did get walked back a couple of times versus Alabama. He has good hand placement.

Stone has the tools to eventually start in the league, though, I see him as a backup early in his career. He was recruited as a guard, and if he is able to play two positions in the NFL, that will help his ability to dress on Sunday early in his career. I say that, because most clubs only dress seven offensive linemen on game day. He is a solid mid-to-late round pick.

08 Jonotthan Harrison C, Florida 6'3" 300 C 6.3 Stats
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