Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
01 Zack Martin OG, Notre Dame 6'4" 305 A 6.8 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Zack Martin – Offensive Tackle

Martin is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter at left tackle. The very durable performer has not missed a start in those four years. Martin is not the biggest tackle in this year’s draft (estimated at 6042 – 310) but he is very athletic and strong. Some scouts will knock Martin and say he has short arms, but I was at the Notre Dame Pro Day last spring, and the scout who was doing the hand and arm measurements was not doing it correctly. If I recall, they measured his arms at just over 32”. When he goes to the Combine, they will be longer.

Martin is an efficient run and pass blocker. In the run game, he can get off the ball quickly and into his block. He is explosive on contact and drives his feet, enabling him to generate movement. He takes good angles to the second level and can adjust on the move. He is consistent with both angle and combo blocks. He will pull at times and has the speed and athleticism to play in space and make productive blocks. On passing downs, he usually plays from a two-point stance. He can set quickly, has quick hands, and a good punch. He plays with natural bend and can anchor. He shows good footwork and balance and, generally, does a good job mirroring his opponents. I have seen a few plays where he has trouble with wide speed but he is very effective as a pass blocker.

Martin reminds me of former New England tackle, Matt Light. They are just about the same size and very similar athletes coming out of college. There are some very talented junior tackles who may enter this Draft and if that is the case, I don’t see Martin going in the first round. He should be a very solid second round pick. Some will say he is more suited to play guard but I would start him out at tackle and let him prove he can’t play there. Martin is a very competitive player and can be a winning lineman in the NFL for years to come.

02 Gabe Jackson OG, Mississippi St 6'3" 335 A 6.8 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Gabe Jackson – Guard – Mississippi State

Size – 6033v – 339v – 5.20est

Strong Points – Huge man, very strong and explosive, run block, pass block, uses hands, anchor, athlete

Weak Points – Can look tentative in space when pulling 

Summation – Gabe is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter for the Bulldogs, He lines up at left guard. He is a huge man at 6033 – 339 with good arm length (33”). Despite his size, Jackson is very athletic and moves well in space. With his size, he is not only strong but very explosive. 

Jackson always plays from a left handed three-point stance and has really good snap reaction. He gets to his blocks quickly and is very explosive on contact. I saw a number of run blocks where the knees of his opponent buckled when contact was made. Jackson stays low with his run blocks and keeps his feet moving. He can consistently gain ground with his run blocks. Big guys can often struggle getting to the second level. That is not the case with Jackson. He takes good angles out to linebackers and can adjust on the move. If there is a flaw in his game, it’s with pulls. He seems hesitant at times on who to hit and needs to adjust his footwork. Still, you see enough good things to know that he shouldn’t have a problem pulling in the NFL.
Jackson is a very consistent pass protector. He sets quickly and has a strong punch. He can play with bend and has the quick feet to slide, recover, and mirror his opponent. With his size, power, and bend, he has excellent anchor ability and never gets pushed back. He has good posture when pass blocking and stays square to the line.

Jackson is a very talented lineman. If there is a lineman other than a tackle who has a chance to be drafted in the first round this year, it's Jackson. He is the best interior lineman I have done, to date, this year. He should start for most teams as a rookie and be a productive pro.

Grade – 6.7 A

03 Xavier Su'a-Filo OG, UCLA 6'4" 295 A 6.7 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Xavier Su’a-Filo – Guard – UCLA

Size – 6030e – 305e – 5.25e

Strong Points – Has played both guard and tackle, strength and explosion, uses hands, run block, pass block, pull

Weak Points – Just adequate size for a guard

Summation – Su’a-Filo enrolled at UCLA in 2009 and started every game at left tackle. He missed both the 2010 and 2011 seasons because he was on a Mormon mission. He came back to start every game in the 2012 season at left guard, and this season, had starts at both left guard and left tackle.

Looking at tape, Su’a-Filo is best suited to play guard. At 6’3 – 305 his frame is more like a guard's. He lacks the height and range to be effective at tackle in the NFL.

At guard, he has good initial quickness and shows explosiveness on contact. He shows a natural hip roll when run blocking. He stays low out of his stance and is able to generate movement. He can do a good job getting out to linebackers and has the short space movement to adjust on the move. On pulls, he can get out in front of a back and has the agility to adjust to hit a moving target.

In pass protection, he can set quickly and has a good punch. He has quick hands and does a good job keeping his hands inside. He plays with good bend and has the feet to mirror versus moves in a short area. When at tackle, and he had to play more in space, he had some trouble with wide speed and counter moves. Because of his bend, he shows good ability to anchor and seldom gets pushed back.

Overall, Su’a- Filo is a very consistent college player. He isn’t great in any one area. He has the talent to start early in his career, and an NFL coach may even want to try him at center. He may not start as a rookie, but you can bet that by his second year, he will be a solid starter in the league. He could be drafted as high as the late second round but looks to be more of a very good third round pick.

Grade – 6.6 B

04 David Yankey OG, Stanford 6'5" 312 A 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Davis Yankey – Guard – Stanford

Size – 6050e – 313e – 5.28e

Strong Points – Three-year starter, very productive, run block, pass block, use hands, pull, physical and competitive, team co-Captain

Weak Points – Has just average speed for the position, can have some trouble playing in space.

Summation – Yankey is a fourth-year junior and a three-year starter for Stanford. He also is a team co-Captain. He lines up at left guard and is a very productive player for the Cardinal.

Yankey has very good size for a guard and is strong and explosive. There are a lot of plays on tape where you see his opponent’s legs buckle on contact. He is an adequate athlete, showing good feet, bend, and flexibility, but he lacks top speed. This shows up on longer pulls and when trying to get to the second level. He has good snap reaction and initial quickness. He gets to his blocks quickly and, as I stated above, is explosive on contact. He is able to generate movement with his run blocks. He is best when his opponent is head up. He can come off low and drive him off the line. He is also good with angle blocks. He can be inconsistent getting to the second level. He shows he can do it without a problem when it’s an onside play, but he can have trouble getting to his man when he is on the backside of the play. On short pulls, he is very effective, showing he can turn and adjust on the move. On the longer pulls, he lacks the speed to consistently get to the block. He is a very consistent pass blocker who sets quickly and can keep good position. He plays with bend and has a strong punch. He shows he can slide and recover versus moves. He is alert to pick up blitzes and stunts.

Yankey is a very steady player who will be a starter in the NFL very early in his career. He has some athletic limitations, but he is a tough, hard-nosed competitor who goes snap-to-whistle every play. I don’t see him being drafted in the first round, but he could very easily go in the second if his workouts are ok.

Grade – A 6.6

05 Brandon Thomas OG, Clemson 6'3' 300 A 6.6 Stats
06 Zach Fulton OG, Tennessee 6'5" 325 B 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Zach Fulton – Guard

Like Stone and James, Fulton is a fourth year senior and has been starting since midway through his freshman year. He lines up at right guard and has excellent size for the position. He is listed at being 6’5 – 322 and he looks all of that. He has good arm length to go along with a good frame. He plays with strength and power and may be the most consistent of the three Tennessee linemen.

He usually plays from a 3-point right-handed stance. He shows good initial quickness and can get to his blocks quickly and efficiently. He plays with bend and shows some explosion on contact. He is a good technician and runs his feet on contact. He shows the ability to generate movement with his run blocks, and he consistently looks to finish. He is consistent getting to the second level and is also consistent with his pulls. He has the athleticism to adjust on the move and make a productive block. He shows good hand placement with both run and pass blocks.

In pass protection, he can set with good quickness and has the feet to slide and recover and the bend to anchor. He has a good punch and shows good ability to mirror his opponent. He is patient and alert in pass protection and does a good job with stunts and blitzes. Overall, this is a solid player who will eventually start in the NFL. With his size, he may also be able to play right tackle. While his tape is good, how he tests out physically will determine where he gets drafted. He plays like a good athlete. If he tests out that way, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went late in the second round. His floor is probably somewhere in the third round.

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07 Cyril Richardson OG, Baylor 6'5" 335 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Cyril Richardson – Guard – Baylor

I saw tape of Richardson both before and after my look at the Senior Bowl, and I believe that his play at Baylor was far better than his play in Mobile. Richardson is a fifth-year senior and a three-year starter at right guard. He measured 6044 – 343 with 33.87” arms at the Senior Bowl.

Needless to say, he is a huge man, but I see only an average athlete. He has some straight-line quickness, but he lacks speed and his change of direction is average. I would estimate his speed at about 5.55.
On tape, Richardson can get low in his stance and shows fairly good initial quickness. That wasn’t the case at the Senior Bowl, where I thought he was tall in his stance and showed just average initial movement. At Baylor, he showed good initial contact and was able to generate movement because of his size and strength. He was inconsistent getting to the second level because he lacks top change of direction and adjust-on-move ability. He was adequate on short pulls, but struggled with long pulls because of his lack of speed and agility. At the Senior Bowl, he played very straight legged and was not able to get the movement I saw on tape. He also struggled in space.

In pass protection, he has a good punch and can anchor because of his size, but he, again, has a tendency to get to straight legged. He flashes knee bend. You just don’t see it on a consistent basis. When he plays without bend, he can have a tendency to over-extend and fall off his blocks. He has adequate feet to slide and recover.

Richardson has talent. He is just too heavy. If he can get his weight down to about 320, he has a chance to be a starter in the NFL. He flashes being able to do all the things required to be a winning guard in the league, but to be a consistent player and play to that level, he needs to have more mental discipline and control his weight. Right now, I see him as a mid-round pick.

08 Jon Halapio OG, Florida 6'3" 322 B 6.5 Stats
09 Chris Watt OG, Notre Dame 6'3" 310 B 6.4x Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Chris Watt – Offensive Guard

Watt is a fifth-year senior and a three-year starter at left guard. He is a thick, wide-bodied player with good strength and power. Watt will measure at about 6030 – 320. He has adequate arm length. He is an above average to good athlete with balance. He plays with adequate speed and quickness.

Watt is best in the run game. He is a powerful drive blocker who keeps his feet moving on contact and gets movement on a consistent basis. He is good with angle and combo blocks but can be a bit inconsistent getting to the second level. While he takes good angles, he doesn’t consistently get to the block on time. When asked to pull, he is not consistent getting to the block because he lacks top speed. In pass protection, he can set with good quickness and has quick hands. He has to do a better job keeping his hands inside. He has a strong punch and plays with average bend. With his strength and power, he handles bull rushers very well. He can have some trouble staying with opponents when they use counter moves. His feet and recovery quickness are adequate.

Watt is a strong tough guy who overachieves. He has some athletic limitations, but he is a competitor who plays hard every down. The more I watch him, the more I feel his best position in the NFL may be at center. He has a center's frame and with his power, would match up well against the bigger nose tackles in the league.

Until this year, Watt had been a very durable performer. This year, he missed a game mid-season with a knee injury and then reinjured the knee when he came back and had to have surgery. Having the surgery so late in the year could affect his draft status as he may have to start next year out on PUP. Before the injury, I thought he was a solid mid-round type of player. Now, I feel he will probably go in the later rounds. Still, once healthy I see him as an eventual starter in the league.

10 Anthony Steen OG, Alabama 6'3" 303 B 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Anthony Steen – Guard

Steen is another 5th year senior and three year starter at right guard. He doesn’t impress you form a physical standpoint. He has a very average frame and is maxed out as far as size. He has short legs and a long torso and looks to have just average arm length. He isn’t overly quick and lacks speed, but he is efficient, productive, and is seldom off his feet. At the end of the game, you count up the plusses and minuses and he has an awful lot of plusses.

Steen has good snap reaction along with good initial quickness. He gets to his block with quickness. While he isn’t what I would call an explosive athlete, he is strong and consistently works to finish every block. He is an all-out competitor. He gets to the 2nd level and makes productive blocks because he always takes good angles. He knows how to play the game. In this game he wasn’t used to pull. In pass protection he can set fairly quickly and knows how to use his hands. He has a compact punch and can mirror his opponent. He is an alert player who is good at seeing and picking up stunts and blitzes.

This is the type of player that I would try at center. If he can play both positions, he carries more value. While he isn’t a “trait” athlete, he is a competitor and doesn’t make mistakes. Guys like that find a way to play in the league and eventually start. They may not be pretty but they get the job done.

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