Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
01 Greg Robinson LT, Auburn 6'5" 320 A 7.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Greg Robinson – Offensive Tackle

Robinson enrolled at Auburn in 2011. The former four-star recruit red-shirted in 2011 and started 11 games at left tackle in 2012. He has started every game at left tackle this season.

Robinson has great size at 6’5 – 320 with long arms. He has excellent athletic ability and runs well for such a big man. He plays with bend, is light on his feet, and has very good balance and overall body control. Auburn plays from a spread formation, and Robinson is almost always playing from a two-point stance. Still he has very good initial quickness and gets to his blocks quickly. Despite playing from a two-point stance Robinson stays low and is consistently able to get under his opponent. Not only is Robinson big, but he is also very strong and explosive. He consistently gets movement with his blocks, and it’s not unusual to see his opponent knocked back two or three yards on contact. He takes good angles on cutoff blocks and when getting out to linebackers. On bubble screens, Robinson can get in space and make productive blocks. He is very good at adjusting on the move.

In pass protection, Robinson sets quickly, plays with natural knee bend, and has the lateral quickness to stop wide speed. He also shows the balance and body control to redirect and move back to the inside. He does a good job with his hands, showing a strong punch and consistently keeping his hands inside. With his size, power, and bend, he easily anchors against college bull rushers.

Robinson is a very talented, and with being only a third year player, is still young. As good as he is, he still has upside as he gains experience. He should easily be drafted in the first half of the first round and will start early for the team that drafts him. Like many rookie offensive linemen, don’t be surprised if he starts off on the right side once he gets to the NFL. As he gains confidence and experience, he wil be moved back to the left side.

02 Jake Matthews RT, Texas A&M 6'5" 305 A 7.1 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Jake Matthews – Tackle

Jake is a fourth year senior and a four year starter at tackle. He played right tackle his entire career until moving to left tackle in the spring when Luke Joeckel left for the NFL. Matthews is the son of NFL Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews and is one steady football player. He has a classic NFL tackle build at about 6’5" – 310 with the frame to carry 320 if he desired. He is even cut with long arms. Playing in a fast paced spread offense he is in excellent condition.

He usually lines up in a 2 point stance. The only time I have seen him get into a 3 point stance is when they line up in a short yardage situation. Regardless of the stance he is in, he gets off the ball very quickly and stays low. He is a natural bender who is always in good football position. He is very athletic with a very good base and outstanding balance. In the run game, he is strong and explosive on contact and consistently gets movement. He easily gets to the second level and has no problem adjusting to movement. He is used to pull a lot and shows he can play in space like an athletic guard. In pass protection he sets quickly and is very patient. He is alert to stunts and blitzes and he is consistent. He shows very good mirror ability and reacts to moves very well. He has the lateral agility to stop wide speed and anchors as well as any tackle I have ever seen. Matthews is an excellent technician with very good hand use. He has a strong punch and excellent hand placement. Matthews is an excellent prospect. Having reviewed Lewan from Michigan last week, I would rate Matthews higher. The advantage Matthews has over Lewan is Jake is a better athlete and has experience at both right and left tackle. I feel Matthews can play any position on the offensive line except center. Both Lewan and Matthews are better prospects than Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel last year and will be drafted very high. They may not be drafted as high, though, because there will be highly rated quarterbacks in this class.

03 Taylor Lewan LT, Michigan 6'7" 302 A 7.0c Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Taylor Lewan – Offensive Tackle

Lewan is a fifth year senior and a four year starter. He has been a left tackle his entire career. Taylor flirted with entering the 2013 draft and had he done so he would have been a certain top 4 pick. Seeing that the first two picks were also offensive tackles, Lewan may very well have been the top pick a year ago. I saw Lewan and Eric Fisher one day apart last fall and at the time I thought Lewan was the better player. Despite his lofty rating, he still decided to come back and play a fifth year at Michigan. To date, he has done nothing to hurt his draft status.

Lewan has gotten bigger every year and is playing at about 315 now. He is a tall guy at about 6’7 but is also very athletic. He has a natural ability to bend, has quick feet and can change direction very well. He plays in a multi offense and usually plays out of a 3-point stance. He shows very good initial quickness and comes out of his stance low. He is a strong and explosive on contact and has the power to get movement with his run blocks. He easily gets to the second level and can adjust on the move. He is a physical player who looks to finish and has a bit of “nasty” in his play. In pass protection he can set quickly and easily mirrors opponents. I like that he is very patient in pass protection and seldom gives his opponent an opening. He stays square and can slide his feet and recover. He plays with bend and can anchor versus a bull rush. He has a strong quick punch and knows how to keep his hands inside. He doesn’t pull that often, but when he does he can get in front of a back and adjust on the move to make a productive block.

Overall, I thought Lewan was the top tackle I saw last year and if he continues to play like he has so far this year he will probably be the first offensive lineman drafted. His main competition should be Texas A&M’s Jake Mathews who I will cover soon.

04 Cyrus Kouandjio LT, Alabama 6'5" 312 A 6.8x Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Cyrus Kouandjio – Tackle

Cyrus is a third-year junior and a two-year starter at left tackle for Alabama. Coming out of high school, he was a five-star recruit and regarded by many as the top offensive linemen in his class.

Kouandjio has excellent size, being listed at 6’6 – 312. He has long arms and a massive frame and can easily play at 330 if he wanted to. Cyrus has excellent athletic ability and body control. He can run (5.05 est), bend and change direction to go along with very quick feet. In the run game, he is very explosive coming off the ball. On contact, he easily gets movement with his “pop” and foot movement. He consistently looks to finish and he gets a lot of “pancakes”. He is an effective combination blocker, being able to come off one block and get to another. He easily gets to the second level and can adjust on the move. He isn’t asked to pull that often, but when he does, it’s usually to the left, and he is effective. He has the speed to stay in front of a back and can adjust on the move to hit a moving target.

In pass protection, he sets quickly and has excellent lateral agility. He is light on his feet and plays with excellent bend. He has a strong punch and flashes the ability to jolt his opponent with it. He generally keeps good position, but he can over set wide at times. When this happens, he gives his opponent an open window for a counter move. With his athleticism, he can recover quickly to stop the charge at the college level, but in the NFL, he has to be more conscience of where he is with his sets. Cyrus’ anchor ability is second to none. You never see him get bull rushed.

Kouanjio has better physical traits then Mathews (Texas A&M) and Lewan (Michigan), but at this time, he is not as good with his technique. The question teams will have to answer on draft day is, do they go with upside or what the player is now?

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05 Antonio Richardson RT, Tennessee 6'6" 332 A 6.7x Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Antonio Richardson – Tackle

“Tiny” Richardson is a third year junior and a two-year starter at left tackle for Tennessee. He has excellent size, being listed at 6’6 – 325, and has very long arms. He has good quickness and play speed for an offensive lineman to go along with good overall athleticism. He shows bend, quick feet, and good change of direction.

As good an athlete Richardson is, he doesn’t always play with that top athleticism. I have seen too many plays where Tiny shows good bend and keeps his back straight, so I know he can do it. Still, while he flashes very good initial quickness, there are plays where he is the last player off the ball. He also can have a tendency in the run game to play tall and over extend (bend at the waist). He can get away with it at the college level because he is so big and powerful. That won’t be the case in the NFL. He can do it. It’s more a case of concentrating on his technique. Still, when he takes good angles into blocks, he shows some explosiveness on contact, keeps his feet moving, and is able to generate movement.

In pass protection, he shows the ability to set quickly. He has good hand use to go along with a strong punch. With his lateral agility, he is able to cut off wide speed. He anchors well at this level, but again, he can have a tendency to get tall on some plays. He doesn’t always anticipate a counter move. There are plays where his opponent starts outside, only to plant and come back across Richardson’s face. Physically, he can easily recover to stop this type of move, but at times, is late to react to it. Still, with his size and long arms, he can at least knock the rusher off his angle. Even though Richardson can get tall, he still shows very good ability to anchor. You don’t see him give ground to pass rushers.

Overall, Richardson has some faults, but most are correctable with coaching. He has the natural traits to be a very good left tackle in the NFL. At this time, I have him fifth on my tackle list and he can very easily go in the first round.

06 Joel Bitonio LT, Nevada 6'4" 315 A 6.7 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:
Joel Bitonio - Offensive Tackle - Nevada
Size - 6042 - 302 - 4.97
Strong Points -
Very athletic, productive run and pass blocker, play in space, use hands, alert, competitive
Weak Points -
May be maxed out size wise, narrow hips, gets stalemated at times
Summation -
Bitonio is a fifth year senior and a three year starter at Nevada. Has just adequate size at 6042 - 302. Has a bit of a narrow frame and may not have much growth potential.
Tested out as one of the better athletes among offensive linemen at the Combine. Ran under 5.00 and his agility drills and jumps were excellent. Has top body control and balance.
Plays from a two point stance and has very good initial quickness. In the run game he is able to come off the ball low and make solid contact. Keeps his feet moving and looks to gain ground. Have seen him get stalemated a few times against big people but usually is able to get some kind of movement. Takes good angles to the second level and can adjust on the move to hit a moving linebacker. Plays with bend and stays on his feet. Hand use is generally good but he will wind up at times with run blocks.
In the pass game he can set quickly. Has the lateral agility to slide and cut off a wide speed rusher. Shows a good punch. Has the feet and agility to mirror opponents through moves and stay in balance. Because he lacks top lower body girth he will give ground at times to explosive bull rushers. Is very competitive and when this happens he re-sets his feet and bends more. Is a natural bender.
Overall, Bitonio is very talented and athletic but his size is marginal. Because of that his technique has to be almost perfect. Has the tools to be a starter on the left side very early in his career. Some say move him to guard but I don't agree, he just doesn't have the natural size to hold up at guard. I see him as a solid second round pick. His frame is similar to Green Bay's David Bakhtiari who went in the fourth round last year, but Bitonio is stronger and more athletic.

07 Morgan Moses RT, Virginia 6'6" 325 A 6.7 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Morgan Moses – Tackle – Virginia

Moses is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter for Virginia. He started 43 games and has played both right and left tackle. 2013 was the first season he played at left tackle. He also played in the 2014 Senior Bowl where he lined up at left tackle.

Moses has great size. At the Senior Bowl, he measured 6061 – 325 with 34.75” arms. He is a massive man with good upper and lower bulk. He is a good, but not great, athlete for his size. He has good straight-line quickness and speed, but his change of direction is average, especially when he plays in space. The one thing that stands out is his balance. He is seldom on the ground.

Moses plays form mostly a two-point stance but will line up in a three-point at times. Watching tape, I like the way he comes off the ball better when he comes out of a three-point stance. Morgan is more strong than explosive but because of his size and strength he is able to generate movement with run blocks. He is best when making a down block or when his opponent lines up head up on him. He has long arms with good hand use and keeps his feet moving on contact. He struggles getting out to the second level. He looks mechanical trying to adjust on the move and doesn’t consistently make a productive block. He will miss on occasion. He does a better job with pulls. While he still looks a bit mechanical and is not very fast, he is efficient.

In pass protection, he can set with good quickness and has a strong punch. While he doesn’t have great lateral agility, he knows how to keep good position on his opponent. He shows he can play with some bend, but he would be better served if played with a little more knee bend. Moses can shuffle his feet and recover back to the inside versus counter moves. He gets in trouble when he gets tall and doesn’t have proper position. He then tends to over extend to stay with the block. Because of his size and bulk, he can be difficult to bull rush.

I don’t see Moses playing left tackle in the NFL. His athleticism is more conducive to playing on the right side. He will be an early starter in the league and, perhaps, a rookie starter. If there is a run on offensive linemen like last year, he has a chance to get drafted in the first round, but I believe his true value is in the top 10 picks of the second round.

08 Jack Mewhort LT, Ohio State 6'5" 310 A 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Jack Mewhort – Tackle – Ohio State

Ohio State has a few offensive linemen who are prospects, but the best is left tackle Jack Mewhort. Mewhort has excellent size for the position at about 6-6 and 310. He has good arm length, plays with strength and can bend. He was the only Ohio State blocker who could block Buffalo’s Mack. Wewhort showed very good run blocking skills in this game, consistently getting movement and being able to get to the second level on a consistent basis. He shows good “pop” on contact to go along with good leg drive. He is a consistent finisher. In the pass game he is able to set quickly. He has a good punch and can mirror opponents through moves. He shows quick feet, good bend and can recover. You seldom see him give ground to a bull rush. Buffalo’s defensive line was not that good, so I want to see Mewhort against better competition but off of Saturday’s play he looks to be a premium round pick.

09 Cameron Fleming OT, Stanford 6'7" 320 A 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Cameron Fleming – Tackle – Stanford

Size – 6060e – 320e – 5.45e

Strong Points – Is a three-year starter, has great size, long arms, strength, flashes as a run blocker and a pass blocker

Weak Points – Average athlete, not a natural bender, can have trouble with wide speed in pass protection, speed, not really explosive, not consistent with running his feet

Summation – Fleming is a fourth-year junior and a three-year starter at right tackle. He has great size with long arms, but he is an average athlete for the position. He lacks speed (5.45 est), is not a natural knee bender, and has just adequate foot quickness. Still, he is a well-coached, productive, and competitive player.

He plays from both a two-point and three-point stance. He has good snap reaction with adequate initial quickness. He is a little tall in his stance but still comes off low. In the run game, he shows strength, but he is not explosive. He is more of a big pusher than an explosive blocker. He makes good contact, but he often stops his feet and then restarts them. Against lesser competition, he can get away with that, but when he is up against top players, he can get stalemated. Still, with his strength he can generate some movement and flashes being able to turn and seal his opponent. He can be inconsistent getting to the second level because he lacks speed, but he does take good angles. When he gets to his blocks, he can be tough to shed because of his size, long arms, and strength. In pass protection, he doesn’t show consistent set quickness. He can handle a bull rush well because of his size, but he can get a bit straight-legged. When he goes up against speed rushers, he gets beaten off the ball at times and doesn’t have the lateral agility to stay with them consistently. Because he lacks top bend when he gets beaten off the ball, he can have a tendency to bend at the waist and over-extend. His long arms are helpful when this happens. With his average feet and agility, he can have some trouble with counter moves back to the inside. Again, his long arms and good punch help in these situations.

Though he is not a top athlete, he is a competitor and has been well coached. There are similar athletes who are starting and productive players. Fleming is a smart player, and with his competitive nature, he can overcome his limitations. I see him as an eventual starter in the league and a probable mid-round pick (third, fourth round).

Grade – B 6.5 

10 JaWuan James RT, Tennessee 6'6" 324 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

JaWuan James – Tackle

James is a fourth year senior and has started every game of his college career. On the hoof, he looks the part at about 6’6 – 320 with long arms. He lines up at right tackle for the Vols and flashes top talent. My concern is he is an up-and-down player. Not only from game to game but also from play to play. 

He plays form both a 2-point and 3-point stance. He has good snap reaction and good initial quickness. He can have a tendency to get tall, and I don’t see him as a natural bender, but there are times when he plays with good bend. As a run blocker, he shows he can get movement when blocking an opponent head up. He can get to the block quickly and shows he can run his feet on contact. The problem is, he doesn’t consistently run his feet. There are times when he stops his feet on contact and then restarts. When making down blocks or when trying to block at the second level, he shows inconsistencies. He doesn’t always take good angles and doesn’t always get to the block on time. He can get a little lazy in his play. I looked at three tapes from this year (Florida, Missouri and Alabama), and he was inconsistent in most phases of the game against Missouri and Florida but played well against Alabama. When on the move, he can be inconsistent. He doesn’t play with good speed and can have trouble adjusting on the move to hit a moving a target.

In pass protection, he sets with adequate quickness and shows a good punch. He generally does a good job with bull rushes and is fairly good with outside speed. He struggles with counter moves. In numerous plays, an opponent starts outside and comes back across James' face, and James lacks the recovery quicks to stop the charge. He has the physical traits to be able to slide and recover. I just don’t think he anticipates that well.

James can be an enigma. He looks like a top round talent, at times, and a free agent at other times. He has the talent to be a starting right tackle or guard in the NFL, but he is going to have to play more consistently to be trusted to get the job done. I would want my line coach to spend a lot of time with this player before deciding to draft him. At this time, I see him as a mid-round player but don’t be surprised if he goes higher.

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