Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
11 JaWuan James RT, Tennessee 6'6" 324 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Ja'Wuan James – Tackle

James is a fourth year senior and has started every game of his college career. On the hoof, he looks the part at about 6’6 – 320 with long arms. He lines up at right tackle for the Vols and flashes top talent. My concern is he is an up-and-down player. Not only from game to game but also from play to play. 

He plays form both a 2-point and 3-point stance. He has good snap reaction and good initial quickness. He can have a tendency to get tall, and I don’t see him as a natural bender, but there are times when he plays with good bend. As a run blocker, he shows he can get movement when blocking an opponent head up. He can get to the block quickly and shows he can run his feet on contact. The problem is, he doesn’t consistently run his feet. There are times when he stops his feet on contact and then restarts. When making down blocks or when trying to block at the second level, he shows inconsistencies. He doesn’t always take good angles and doesn’t always get to the block on time. He can get a little lazy in his play. I looked at three tapes from this year (Florida, Missouri and Alabama), and he was inconsistent in most phases of the game against Missouri and Florida but played well against Alabama. When on the move, he can be inconsistent. He doesn’t play with good speed and can have trouble adjusting on the move to hit a moving a target.

In pass protection, he sets with adequate quickness and shows a good punch. He generally does a good job with bull rushes and is fairly good with outside speed. He struggles with counter moves. In numerous plays, an opponent starts outside and comes back across James' face, and James lacks the recovery quicks to stop the charge. He has the physical traits to be able to slide and recover. I just don’t think he anticipates that well.

James can be an enigma. He looks like a top round talent, at times, and a free agent at other times. He has the talent to be a starting right tackle or guard in the NFL, but he is going to have to play more consistently to be trusted to get the job done. I would want my line coach to spend a lot of time with this player before deciding to draft him. At this time, I see him as a mid-round player but don’t be surprised if he goes higher.

12 James Hurst LT, North Carolina 6'6" 310 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

James Hurst – Tackle – North Carolina

Hurst lines up at left tackle for North Carolina and in all honesty he outperformed Clowney when they went against each other. Hurst has size (6-7 and 310) and is very strong and competitive. He is not the most athletic tackle but he plays hard on every snap. He knows how to use his hands and he has power on contact. While not a top athlete, he knows angles and took away the edge from Clowney. He is not a top knee bender, but he keeps his back straight, has a strong punch and can anchor. He is just average at recovering when his opponent uses a counter move. He is a consistent run blocker and can get to the 2nd level but can be a bit inconsistent adjusting on the move. Overall, off of this game, I don’t see Hurst as an NFL left tackle but he could play on the right side or move in to guard. He looks to be a future NFL starter and will get drafted in the early part of the draft. What he lacks in overall athleticism he makes up for with competitiveness and power.

13 Justin Britt LT, Missouri 6'6" 315 B 6.5 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Justin Britt – Tackle

Going into the season, Britt was not on many club’s prospect lists. He missed the last third of the 2012 season with an injury. Before the injury, he started nine games and has experience playing both right and left tackle. The fifth year senior started 11 games in 2011 at left tackle.

Britt has size at about 6’6 – 315. He has shorter legs for a tall guy and has a long torso. He seems to have good arm length. His overall athletic ability is good. He shows some short area quickness, good feet, and consistently stays on his feet. His speed is average for the position, and he will probably run in the 5.25 range at the combine.

Britt almost always plays from a two-point stance. The only time you see him in a three-point is in short yardage or goal line situations. He has good initial quickness, and I like that he stays low coming out of his two-point stance on run downs. He shows good “pop” on contact and is usually able to generate some movement with his run blocks. You never see him give ground. He is good with combo blocks and can adjust on the move to make blocks on the second level. While he is not used to pull that often, he does a good job when asked. In pass protection, he can set quickly and does a good job getting his hands on his opponent. He generally keeps good position and shows that he can slide and recover. He plays with knee bend, keeps his back straight, and anchors well. Besides the Georgia game, where he struggled some with wide speed, he is a very consistent pass blocker. 

Britt has the talent to be a mid-round draft choice. While he plays on the left side at Missouri, I see him as a guard or right tackle in the NFL. His position versatility should enable him to dress on game day as a rookie. Britt is a smart kid who shows some nasty in his play, and I can see him being an eventual starter in the league. Tough, smart, strong, and consistent offensive linemen always find a way to play.

14 Billy Turner RT, North Dakota St 6'5" 310 B 6.4 Stats
15 Cornelius Lucas RT, Kansas State 6'8" 325 C 6.4 Stats
16 Austin Wentworth LT, Fresno State 6'5" 300 C 6.4 Stats
17 Michael Schofield RT, Michigan 6'6" 304 C 6.3 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Michael Schofield – Offensive Tackle

Schofield is a fifth year senior. He started at guard in 2011 and has been the starter at right tackle the last two seasons. Schofield has good size at about 6’6.5 – 305. He is not overly quick or fast but he is efficient. He will probably time in the 5.5 range. What I like about Mike is that he is a good competitor who knows and understands his position. He doesn’t make many mistakes. He can get off the ball with adequate quickness and makes solid contact. While he shows some knee bend in the pass game you don’t always see it when he is run blocking. He is not explosive but he has strength and will keep his feet moving on contact. Because he doesn’t have top knee bend in the run game he will fall off some run blocks. He is best at the line of scrimmage but can be inconsistent getting to the second level or making backside cutoff blocks.

In pass protection he sets with adequate quickness and tries to keep good position. He shows adequate knee bend but can give some ground to a good bull rusher. I have also seen him jerked off balance a few times. Still he tries to keep good position and does a fairly good job stopping wide speed. I have not seen him used to pull. 

Overall, because Mike has experience at both guard and tackle it helps his cause. He needs to get stronger and play with more consistent bend. He has the talent to be a backup in the league but I doubt he will ever be a starter. A good late round pick who may need a year on the practice squad.

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18 Wesley Johnson LT, Vanderbilt 6'5" 285 C 6.3 Stats
19 Matt Patchan LT, Boston College 6'5" 305 C 6.3 Stats
20 Kenarious Gates RT, Georgia 6'5" 318 C 6.3 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Kenarious Gates – Offensive line

Gates started at left tackle and also played some right guard in this game. To put it mildly, he struggled. He gave up at least 2 sacks in the game and a few pressures and after that I stopped watching.

Gates is knocked kneed and straight legged. He plays with no bend. When he tries to get low he has to widen his base because he can’t bend. He has a tendency to bend at the waist when he gets out of position on a play. He plays mostly from a 2-point stance and is slow to set. He has limited lateral agility and recovery. He gets beat wide by speed rushers often.

In the run game he flashes because he has size and strength but because he can’t bend he has poor explosion and can’t play with leverage. He is not a consistent finisher and will fall off blocks and struggles to get to the 2nd level. His ability to adjust on the move is poor.

In my opinion, Gates is not an NFL prospect. He lacks the athleticism required to make blocks at the NFL level. Off of this game I wouldn’t even sign him as an undrafted free agent. Georgia plays South Carolina this week and Jadeveon Clowney has to be praying that Gates is still the starter at left tackle! If I were Murray I might call in sick for the game.

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