Player, Pos, Team Height Weight Draft Grade
11 Paul Richardson WR, Colorado 6'1" 172 A 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Paul Richardson – Colorado

Richardson is a fourth-year junior and a two-year starter. He missed the 2012 season with an ACL injury but came back to catch 83 passes for 1343 yards and 10 TDs.

Richardson is not big as receivers go. He is listed at being 6010 – 170. He has a long, lean frame, but he is quick, fast, and athletic. In high school, he ran a verified 10.62 100 meters. Richardson gets off the line quickly and is a good route runner. In the tapes I saw, he seldom faced press coverage as opponents were concerned with his deep speed. When he did face press, he was a bit inconsistent getting off a jam. He has the athleticism to avoid a jam, but once a big corner gets his hands on him, he can be rerouted.

Richardson is a good route runner who has the body control to get in and out of cuts quickly. He has the speed to get deep and can come back to the ball well. He shows good hands and does a good job extending to makes catches. He shows toughness and competitiveness by consistently competing for balls in traffic. His run-after-catch concerns me. He is not really strong and needs space. The first tackler is the guy who gets him down. He has average elusiveness, but with his speed, he is dangerous once in the open. As a blocker, he is average. He lacks “pop” and does not stay with blocks.

Richardson reminds me of a receiver we had in Chicago in the mid 2000’s, Bernard Berrian. Richardson and Berrian have similar size and are similar athletes. Berrian was a productive receiver for about five years, but the pounding on his slight frame took its toll. I can see the same thing happening to Richardson. Still, he is a very solid “B” level player who will probably be gone before the third round is over. He needs to get stronger because he will struggle versus press coverage in the NFL. With his size limitations, I see him more as a slot-type receiver at the next level.

12 Josh Huff WR, Oregon 5'11" 205 A 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

Josh Huff – Receiver

Huff is a fourth year senior and a three year starter at wide receiver. He also is used to return kickoffs. Even though he didn’t start as a true freshman, he got significant play time and accumulated over 1000 yards in total offense. This year, he is the Ducks leading receiver to date with 38 catches for 703 yards and six TDs. He has returned eight kickoffs for a 26 yard average.

Huff has good size at 5’11- 205. He looks and plays taller because of his long arms. He has very good play speed to go along with excellent athleticism and body control. His play speed is in the 4.45 – 4.48 area. In the Oregon offense, he is not asked to run a number of different types of routes. He will run outs, slants, comebacks, and bubble screens with an occasional deep route thrown in. I would not say he is a precise route runner, but with his body control and quickness, he can get in and out of cuts very quickly to gain separation. Often, he is wide open. Opponents usually play a soft zone against Oregon, and they give up a lot of short throws. I don’t remember seeing Huff have to uncover versus man coverage.

Huff has very good hands, showing the ability to snatch the ball. He always catches the ball away from his body. After the catch he is a very good runner, showing a burst, elusiveness, and strength. Many of his longer gains are short passes that he turned into a big gain with his run skills. On the tape viewed, I did not have an opportunity to see Huff have to compete for the ball in traffic. He was always open. He is a willing blocker and will look for a downfield block to help a back or receiver.

This is a talented player. He has speed, hands, run after skills, and toughness. He can and will double as a returner, as his return skills are very good. He needs to develop his route running, but he will play early as a rookie and eventually be a starter in the league. I see him as becoming a solid number two receiver.

13 Jared Abbrederis WR, Wisconsin 6'2" 188 B 6.6 Stats
14 Robert Herron WR, Wyoming 5'10" 187 B 6.6 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:
Size - 5087 - 193 - 4.48
Strong Points - Athlete, speed, hands, adjust to ball, pass routes, run after catch, compete in traffic, had a strong senior bowl week
Weak Points - Size, can only be a slot at the next level
2013 Stats: 72 catches for 937 yards and nine touchdowns
Summation - Herron is a fourth-year senior and a three-year starter. As a freshman, he played both wide receiver and running back. He has only recently become a receiver (2011 season). In high school, Herron was not only a very good football player, but was also a top track athlete with personal bests of 10.5 in the 100 meters and 20.99 in the 200 meters.
Herron plays both inside and out at Wyoming. He is used on a variety of routes including bubble screens, outs, slants, and crossing routes. With his speed, he is also used deep.
Herron may be short, but he is not small, he has a solid build to go along with very good strength (18 reps of 225 at the Combine). He is quick off the ball and does a very good job of both working through and avoiding jams. He is quick into his routes and has the flexibility to drop his hips and get in and out of a cut quickly. With his body control and quick feet, he is effective with multi-cut routes. He consistently gets open on both short and deep routes.
He has good hands and can track the ball and make the difficult catch. He shows the courage to compete for the ball in traffic. After the catch, he is an instinctive and strong runner who has the ability to make people miss in space. His run skills allow him to turn a short pass into a long gain.
If Herron were two inches taller, we would be talking about him as a premium round draft pick. His height will likely limit him to being a slot receiver, but he can be very effective in that role. I can see him being used as a club's primary slot very early in his career. While he has not been a returner in college, he has the traits to be a good NFL return man. Herron should be a solid third round pick, fourth round at worst.

15 Brandon Coleman WR, Rutgers 6'6" 220 B 6.5 Stats
16 Bruce Ellington WR, South Carolina 5'9" 196 B 6.5 Stats
17 Martavis Bryant WR, Clemson 6'5" 200 B 6.5 Stats
18 Mike Davis WR, Texas 6'2" 195 B 6.4 Stats
19 DeVante Parker WR, Louisville 6'3" 205 B 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

DeVante Parker – Receiver

Parker is a third year junior and has been a regular player for Louisville since his freshman year. He is a big receiver who has estimated size of 6’2½ - 210. He is a semi-strider with good play speed (4.50) and a burst to go after the ball. Parker has good overall athleticism and body control to go along with very good leaping ability. He flashes running good routes but can get sloppy and round cuts or not finish a route. Once the ball is in the air, he tracks it well and has very good hands. He will have some concentration drops. As good as Parker's traits are, there are games where he doesn’t do much. He may catch six or seven balls in one game and then one the next week. His traits are too dominant to have inconsistent production like that. After the catch, Parker is a strong runner showing his burst. While he is not overly elusive, he can break tackles. Once the ball is in the air, Parker uses his size to his advantage. He can outjump most defensive backs and is good at high-pointing the ball.

Overall, Parker has the traits to be a very good NFL receiver. He needs to play with more consistency. With the talent he has, he should start early in his career. In a couple of seasons, he could be a solid number two receiver.

20 T.J. Jones WR, Notre Dame 5'11" 190 B 6.4 Full Scouting Report

Scouting Report:

T.J. Jones – Wide Receiver

Jones is a fourth-year senior and has been a starter since midway through his freshman year. Jones is a player who has shown improvement every year and has become Notre Dame’s most consistent receiver this year. Going into this week’s Bowl game, Jones has 65 catches for 1042 yards and nine TDs. For his career, he has 176 catches and 19 TDs. He is the primary punt returner, averaging just under nine yards per return.

Jones doesn’t have great size. He will measure about 5114 – 195. He is athletic with deceptive speed. While not a burner, he will time in the 4.48 – 4.50 area. He has quick feet, a burst, and good overall body control allowing him to run good routes and make quick cuts to get separation. I like that he has become a much more consistent player this year. He is productive as both a short and deep receiver and has shown the toughness to compete for the ball in traffic. He has good hands and shows the body flexibility to adjust to poorly thrown balls. After the catch, he is a quick, elusive runner who can consistently get extra yards.
Overall, I see Jones as good “B” level prospect (third – fourth round). Early in his career, I questioned his toughness, but he has matured as a player and become very consistent. Jones will probably end up as a good slot receiver in the NFL. He can play outside, but with his size, he is not ideal for that position. He will need a year to develop but should become an eventual starter. He has the toughness to play on special teams cover units while he is developing. I don’t see him as having the return skills to be a club’s top returner, but he can be a quality backup in that position.

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