Ed Stinson – Defensive End

Stinson is a 5th year senior and a two year starter at left defensive end in Alabama’s 3-4 defense. He red shirted as a freshman and then played in the D-Line rotation the next 2 years. He has good size at about 6’4 – 290 with long arms. He shows good balance and is seldom off his feet but his overall athleticism is average for the position. He has some tightness in his knees and hips. He can get tall in his stance and can get tall with his play also. He has average speed, with a play speed of about 5.0 - 5.1.

Stinson is strong, but I wouldn’t call him explosive. He has the power to hold the point and he doesn’t give ground. He is basically a 2-gapper who gets a push and can be disruptive in the run game. He has quick reactions and can find the ball. While he doesn’t make a lot of plays, he is around the ball, and with his ability to penetrate, he can disrupt a lot of plays. He shows good ability to shed single blocks and occupy double teams. He is a competitive, tough guy who plays hard but has limitations.

He is not a force as a pass rusher. He flashes a counter move to redirect but is mainly a bull rusher who can get a push. He is not quick to close off of blocks. His initial quickness in both the run and pass game is average. At times, he is the last guy off the ball.

I see him as a mid-round pick who will be a run down player at the next level. He may never be a solid starter but he can be a good rotational player. In the right situation, he could start but that team will always be looking for something better.