JaWuan James – Tackle

James is a fourth year senior and has started every game of his college career. On the hoof, he looks the part at about 6’6 – 320 with long arms. He lines up at right tackle for the Vols and flashes top talent. My concern is he is an up-and-down player. Not only from game to game but also from play to play. 

He plays form both a 2-point and 3-point stance. He has good snap reaction and good initial quickness. He can have a tendency to get tall, and I don’t see him as a natural bender, but there are times when he plays with good bend. As a run blocker, he shows he can get movement when blocking an opponent head up. He can get to the block quickly and shows he can run his feet on contact. The problem is, he doesn’t consistently run his feet. There are times when he stops his feet on contact and then restarts. When making down blocks or when trying to block at the second level, he shows inconsistencies. He doesn’t always take good angles and doesn’t always get to the block on time. He can get a little lazy in his play. I looked at three tapes from this year (Florida, Missouri and Alabama), and he was inconsistent in most phases of the game against Missouri and Florida but played well against Alabama. When on the move, he can be inconsistent. He doesn’t play with good speed and can have trouble adjusting on the move to hit a moving a target.

In pass protection, he sets with adequate quickness and shows a good punch. He generally does a good job with bull rushes and is fairly good with outside speed. He struggles with counter moves. In numerous plays, an opponent starts outside and comes back across James' face, and James lacks the recovery quicks to stop the charge. He has the physical traits to be able to slide and recover. I just don’t think he anticipates that well.

James can be an enigma. He looks like a top round talent, at times, and a free agent at other times. He has the talent to be a starting right tackle or guard in the NFL, but he is going to have to play more consistently to be trusted to get the job done. I would want my line coach to spend a lot of time with this player before deciding to draft him. At this time, I see him as a mid-round player but don’t be surprised if he goes higher.