JAMES HURST LT, North Carolina

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Jan 14

The Final Four

What do these teams have that many don’t?

James Hurst – Tackle – North Carolina

Hurst lines up at left tackle for North Carolina and in all honesty he outperformed Clowney when they went against each other. Hurst has size (6-7 and 310) and is very strong and competitive. He is not the most athletic tackle but he plays hard on every snap. He knows how to use his hands and he has power on contact. While not a top athlete, he knows angles and took away the edge from Clowney. He is not a top knee bender, but he keeps his back straight, has a strong punch and can anchor. He is just average at recovering when his opponent uses a counter move. He is a consistent run blocker and can get to the 2nd level but can be a bit inconsistent adjusting on the move. Overall, off of this game, I don’t see Hurst as an NFL left tackle but he could play on the right side or move in to guard. He looks to be a future NFL starter and will get drafted in the early part of the draft. What he lacks in overall athleticism he makes up for with competitiveness and power.