Denicos Allen – Linebacker

Allen is a 5th year senior and a 3rd year starter at linebacker. He is an active productive player in their defense, He usually lines up as the Will linebacker in their 4-3 scheme. Allen is quick reacting and makes plays but he lacks size. He’s listed as being 5’11 – 219. He has a thick build and looks heavier, but I doubt he is more than 225. He has good athletic ability but just average speed. I would estimate his speed as being in the 4.75 – 4.80 range.

With his instincts and reactions he makes plays. He shows strength at the point and can get rid of blocks. He has good lateral agility to get to outside plays and he clears his feet well. While he takes good angles to the ball in pursuit he doesn’t have the speed to consistently catch plays. He is best as a between the tackles linebacker. In pass coverage, he shows a good drop, getting depth and keeping receivers in front of him. He can transition without wasted steps, but he not real sudden with his transition. He lacks the speed and overall quicks to cover man-to-man.

Allen is a good college player who has limitations. His size and speed will limit him as an NFL player. I don’t see the quickness and speed to be a 4-3 linebacker, and he is not really big enough to play in a 3-4. Still he is a tough aggressive kid who will be hard to cut. He should make his mark on special teams. He has a chance to be drafted but may end up being a priority free agent.

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