Size - 5087 - 193 - 4.48
Strong Points - Athlete, speed, hands, adjust to ball, pass routes, run after catch, compete in traffic, had a strong senior bowl week
Weak Points - Size, can only be a slot at the next level
2013 Stats: 72 catches for 937 yards and nine touchdowns
Summation - Herron is a fourth-year senior and a three-year starter. As a freshman, he played both wide receiver and running back. He has only recently become a receiver (2011 season). In high school, Herron was not only a very good football player, but was also a top track athlete with personal bests of 10.5 in the 100 meters and 20.99 in the 200 meters.
Herron plays both inside and out at Wyoming. He is used on a variety of routes including bubble screens, outs, slants, and crossing routes. With his speed, he is also used deep.
Herron may be short, but he is not small, he has a solid build to go along with very good strength (18 reps of 225 at the Combine). He is quick off the ball and does a very good job of both working through and avoiding jams. He is quick into his routes and has the flexibility to drop his hips and get in and out of a cut quickly. With his body control and quick feet, he is effective with multi-cut routes. He consistently gets open on both short and deep routes.
He has good hands and can track the ball and make the difficult catch. He shows the courage to compete for the ball in traffic. After the catch, he is an instinctive and strong runner who has the ability to make people miss in space. His run skills allow him to turn a short pass into a long gain.
If Herron were two inches taller, we would be talking about him as a premium round draft pick. His height will likely limit him to being a slot receiver, but he can be very effective in that role. I can see him being used as a club's primary slot very early in his career. While he has not been a returner in college, he has the traits to be a good NFL return man. Herron should be a solid third round pick, fourth round at worst.