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Apr 24

Source: USC center Marcus Martin has met with Chargers, Lions, Bills, Panthers

Center has also met with Saints, Eagles Panthers

Marcus Martin – Center/Guard – USC

Size – 6033v – 320v – 5.27e

Strong Points – Size, strength, and power, uses hands, strength and power, run block, pass block, plays in space, can play center or guard

Weak Points – Doesn’t consistently get and keep good position, not a consistent finisher

Summation – Martin is a third-year junior and has been a starter since his freshman year. He started at guard in 2011 and 2012 and was moved to center for the 2013 season. He has excellent size at 6033 – 320 with long arms (34”). He possesses good athletic ability with bend and change of direction. He is strong, powerful, and explosive.

As a run blocker, he gets off the ball quickly and has no wasted motion getting to his block. He can stay low and makes good contact. He doesn’t consistently run his feet, but he is better than most. While he is able to generate movement, he doesn’t consistently get good position. Part of this problem is because he doesn’t always take good angles to his blocks. When he has the proper positioning, he can control his opponent. He has the quickness and agility to adjust on the move and make productive blocks at the second level but, again, doesn’t consistently take good angles to the block.

I feel he is a better pass blocker then run blocker. He can snap and set while staying in balance. He has quick hands with a good punch and does a good job keeping his hands inside. He plays with bend and can anchor. He does a good job sliding and recovering versus moves. His agility and footwork are good.

Martin makes the line calls and is an alert player. I see no reason why he can’t be a first-year starter at either guard or center. He needs to work on his angles and keeping good position but that can be corrected with coaching. He should be a solid second round pick.

Grade – A 6.6