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Apr 12

10 players to watch during Saturday's spring games

Keep an eye on these key performers this weekend.

Deion Belue – Defensive Back

Belue is a former Junior College transfer and is in his second year starting at the field corner for Alabama. He originally committed to Alabama out of High School but enrolled at Northeast Mississippi Community College where he was one of the top JC corners in the country. He transferred to Alabama last year and became an instant starter. Belue has average corner height at about 5’11, but he also has a narrow frame. He looks to be about 180 – 185. He has very long arms, which allows him to play taller than his actual height. He has the quick feet, change of direction, and loose hips required for the position, but I am unsure of his top end speed. He looks to be in the 4.50 – 4.55 range. In saying that, I haven’t seen anyone run by him either.

He plays a lot of man coverage but not press man. He will often line up in a press type position but I have not seen him use a jam technique that often. Still, he has the suddenness to be effective in man coverage and does a good job mirroring receivers. He can turn quickly and has the feet to transition without taking extra steps. He has good ball reactions. Showing the ability to high point throws and get PBU’s but he doesn’t have many interceptions. In run support he can play a bit loosely but will come up when he has to. He is not physical and is an average tackler. His ability to get off blocks is adequate.

Belue has talent but is not a complete player. He needs to get bigger, stronger, and more physical. Being that the corner position is stop watch driven on draft day, his time will have a lot to do with where he is eventually drafted. His talent says that he will be a backup early in his career. He can become an eventual starter if he becomes stronger and more physical. Right now I see a mid-round pick.