Justin Britt – Tackle

Going into the season, Britt was not on many club’s prospect lists. He missed the last third of the 2012 season with an injury. Before the injury, he started nine games and has experience playing both right and left tackle. The fifth year senior started 11 games in 2011 at left tackle.

Britt has size at about 6’6 – 315. He has shorter legs for a tall guy and has a long torso. He seems to have good arm length. His overall athletic ability is good. He shows some short area quickness, good feet, and consistently stays on his feet. His speed is average for the position, and he will probably run in the 5.25 range at the combine.

Britt almost always plays from a two-point stance. The only time you see him in a three-point is in short yardage or goal line situations. He has good initial quickness, and I like that he stays low coming out of his two-point stance on run downs. He shows good “pop” on contact and is usually able to generate some movement with his run blocks. You never see him give ground. He is good with combo blocks and can adjust on the move to make blocks on the second level. While he is not used to pull that often, he does a good job when asked. In pass protection, he can set quickly and does a good job getting his hands on his opponent. He generally keeps good position and shows that he can slide and recover. He plays with knee bend, keeps his back straight, and anchors well. Besides the Georgia game, where he struggled some with wide speed, he is a very consistent pass blocker. 

Britt has the talent to be a mid-round draft choice. While he plays on the left side at Missouri, I see him as a guard or right tackle in the NFL. His position versatility should enable him to dress on game day as a rookie. Britt is a smart kid who shows some nasty in his play, and I can see him being an eventual starter in the league. Tough, smart, strong, and consistent offensive linemen always find a way to play.